Daily Archives: May 5, 2015

Seven Factors of Enlightenment 七覺支

When you wish to be free from spiritual suffering, and to achieve enlightenment, you must fellow these steps :

  1. Investigation : Investigate and seek out the pure Dharma and a qualified teacher.
  2. Mindfulness : Set out to learn and practice the Dharma, committed and focused. Be mindful of meditation and wisdom practice.
  3. Energy : Engage with whole hearted effort; never becoming lazy or quitting.
  4. Joy : With all the above, you will gradually attain joyful peace, you will experience less and less suffering of stress, unhappiness, frustrations in life.
  5. Tranquility: You will attain a peaceful mind, being relaxed with both your body and mind at all the times.
  6. Concentration: Concentration of both body and mind. Your thoughts are no longer scattered, and are focused and present at all times on the Path. At this stage, you will be able to control and purified your body, speech, and mind.
  7. Equanimity : You achieve calm abiding. The mind is well trained, and immoveable by the surrounding phenomena. It is fully aware of all phenomena without being lustful or averse towards them.