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The Ten Power of a Buddha 佛的十力

Ten Power of a Buddha 佛的十力

  1. Omniscience; one possess complete awareness, one is able to perceive the entire history of a person from beginning to end, a complete knowledge of the works of the universe.


  1. Knowledge of the Karma of every being; an enlightened being whose Tathagata Wisdom is developed, can read the history of transmigration through the body signs (attributes) one carries (inherits)


  1. Knowledge to end illusion of every kind; one must observe “Impermanence” in all worldly phenomena; engender the desire of :Renunciation” and practice to attain “selflessness”. One with Enlightened Buddha-Wisdom knows how to teach this path of liberation in a lucid and succinct way.


  1. Knowledge of the desire and moral direction of every being; the knowledge of the positive and negative attributes of every being. These attribute are habitual tendencies one carried over from the previous lives. A Buddha knows how to put those attribute to good use, and direct those with negative attributes to overcome.


  1. Knowledge of how to liberate every being; an enlightened being is knowing howevery being an be liberated, and teaching in accordance with each beings aptitudes. (Note: Buddha’s ability to teach all levels of beings without barrier of time, space, and language )


  1. Knowledge of all stages of Samadhi; A power of Tathagata is ability to observe and determine the spiritual level of an individual ( arhat / Sravaka-Buddha, Pratyeka- Buddha, Bodhisattva, or Buddha)


  1. Knowledge of the law of Karma; A Buddha is well aware of the direction and consequences of the laws of nature, of knows that one can do to extricate from oneself from or avoid the karmic consequences.


  1. Divine abilities; Ability to see beyond the limitation of physical eyes (clairvoyance)

            Ability to be all places same time. (Miraculous travel)

           Ability of know all being’s mind (mind reading)

           Ability to hear beyond human realm (Clair-audience)

           Knowledge of end of contamination (This knowledge is personal understanding               gained though meditation.)


  1. Access to memory vault; Ability to recall past places and past rebirths and events.


  1. Eternal state of non-birth; There’s no rebirth, it is in a state of Nirvana, the state o complete joy, and blissful peace.