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Eighth Consciousness and Six Sextets 第八識 及十八界

Eighth Consciousness and Six Sextets 

(There are six organs pairs their objects and sense bases)

(第 十八界: 六根 六塵 六識 )

Wisdom and Enlightenment comes from understanding of Dharma teachings, practice of meditation, achieving calm-abiding, so one transforms from wrong views to “clear-seeing”, correct view of true reality, with complete awareness of phenomena.

Pairs of object and sense bases are as follow:

there are six organ eye — ———seeing sights———-eye consciousness

ear ———— hearing sounds——–ear consciousness

nose — ——- smell smells———-nose consciousness

tongue ——- taste tastes ———– tongue consciousness

body ——— touch and feels —— body consciousness

mind — ——ideation thoughts —–mental consciousness

That is :

Eye (contact external) objects, (sends information to) eye consciousness, it identifies the object; it’s a chair etc.

Ear (hear the) sound, (sends information to) ear consciousness, it identifies the various sound waves; talking, singing etc.

nose (smells the) odor,(sends information to)nose consciousness, it identifies the various odor; perfume or “else” etc.

tongue (taste the) food, (sends information to) tongue consciousness, it identifies the various taste; hot or cold etc.

body (touch) objects (sends information to) body consciousness, it creates various sensations;

mind (perceive) mental objects (sends information to) mental consciousness, thinking “I” like or dislike.

The above six consciousness are called “Common consciousness”, they are posit on basis of valid straightforward cognition, on any part of individual’s sensory data input, experienced solely by means of their bodily sense faculties.

There’s Seventh consciousness; it’s called Manas (末那識). It is the “Delude awareness, This seventh consciousness posited on the basis of straightforward cognition, combined with inferential cognition. it is a “mind consciousness”, this is where self grasping, attitude, jealousy, hatred, love, and disturbing emotions posits. Our Dharma practice of training the mind is to focus on taming the disturbing emotions, and bring the mind to a stable and calm abiding, so life would be more peaceful and enjoyable.

There’s Eighth consciousness; it is called Alaya ( 阿賴耶識) . It is All-encompassing foundation consciousness,

it functions the reflexive awareness and storage of memory. Posited on the basis of inferential cognition.

In plan explanation; it’s like a storage for all good deeds and bad deeds / good karma or bad karma one generated in the life time, and all the habits (familiarities) which become like a seed for future becoming, it dictates one ‘s favorable or un favorable rebirth.

Within the Eighth consciousness, there also the Amora consciousness (阿摩羅識), it is the pure divine consciousness, it is what is referred as Buddha- nature . That is why Buddha said we are all capable to be enlightened, because we all naturally have Buddha seed within. If we purify all the delusions, impurities in our eighth consciousness, leaving only the pure Buddha-nature, we would be free from rebirth in the lower six realms of Samsara.