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Outline of Lamrim Practice —- Preliminary Practice 下士道

             Outline of Lamrim Practice —- Preliminary Practice 下士道

The path shared with persons who have the modest capacity and motivation

(Striving for a rebirth in the heaven and human realms) 修人天善因

Perfect human Rebirth: We trapped in the cycle of the six lower realms of existence ; heaven, human, asura, animal, hungry ghost , and hell realms.

Fortunate to possess human body and disadvantages lower realm of Existence: For practicing of Buddha Dharma, there are disadvantages in other realms than human realm, because heavenly beings are indulge in the all joy of existence, and are not likely be interest in spiritual advancement of Buddha Dharma. The asura beings are angry spirits that constantly engaged in fighting, Buddhist practice would be last thing in their mind. animals are lack of sufficient intelligence to learn and understand Dharma. and hungry ghost and hell beings endure constant sufferings that is impossible for them to engage Dharma teachings and practice. Therefore, only human being possess the condition and intelligence to study and practice Buddhism, Thus, we must value the opportunity of this human life, put all our effort to learn and practice Buddha Dharma. Only truly follow this path will alleviate us from the cycle of Samsara (The six lower realms of existence)

The Eight Worldly Concerns: There are Joy and sorrow, Fame and Shame , Praise and Blame, Success and Failure. We practice to view all the worldly concerns as lack inherent existent, they are all illusory perceptions in the mind, be detached, don’t be overly reacted when we are successful or praised that we act proud, don’t be quick t blame others for anything, we first look within ourselves, and forgive other’s faults. Not be too attached by joy and sorrow, they are only passages in life, all things are subject to change, 100 years from now, nothing matters.

Impermanence and Death: Due to Cause and Effect , actions through our body, speech and mind, we created positive and negative Karmas, which dictates our future rebirth of becoming.

It is so important to generate positive karma in our daily life, for we will rip the fruit of it. Life is her-and-now, moment-to-moment, impermanence is time passes by and we are moving closer and closer to death, it’s natural process, we must understand it with positive attitude, by practice Dharma generate good karma for better rebirth.

Refuge in three Jewels:

Refuge in Buddha: Rely on the teachings of the Buddha. Recover our true self (Buddha Nature)

Refuge in Dharma: Rely teachings of the Paths (Eight fold path)

Refuge in Sangha: Rely on accomplished Teachers and practice pure Dharma.

Vajrayana Buddhist regard our Teacher/Guru as a Jewel, because without Guru, we will not have then fortune to learn and understand Dharma correctly. Vajrayana students first pay homage to Guru, then Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

Buddhist emphasize “Lineage “, a direct line of teachings from Guru/teacher to disciple/student.

If you wish to “Take Refuge”, you can follow an accomplished teacher and go for Refuge ( initiation).

My Guru is living Buddha Sheng-Yen Lu, Grand-Master Lu is funder of True Buddha Society, with 6 million followers throughout the world. you can write to the address below, request wish to take refuge, along with an offering (amount anywhere from $ 1.00 to 1000000……)

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