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Vajrasattva 100 syllable 百字明咒

Vajrasattva 100 syllable 百字明咒

The Tibetan Mahayana, and Vajrayana practice, we are encouraged to Chant the “Vajrasattva hundred syllable” is a great way to purify one’s negative energy / karma. Recommended chant 21 times every day as repentance for any unwholesome deeds you might have done.


Om Vajrasattva,

Samayam anupalaya ,

Vajrasattva, teno patishta ,

Ardho me bhava ,

Sutokayo me bhava,

Supokayo   me bhava ,

Anurakto   me bhava ,

Sarva siddhi me prayaccha ,

Sarva karma   succha me ,

Chitam shreyam kuru ,


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho !


Sarva Tathagatha ,

Vajra Mahasamayasattva ,

Ah, Hung, P’ehe !

( Literally Translated )

O Vajrasattva,

Guard and protect my commitments,

O Vajrasattva, help me be strong,

Be my constant support,

May I ever be pleasing to you,

May you ever be happy with me,

Hold me in your affectionate regard,

Help me attain all sublime accomplishments,

Help to me act virtuously always,

And to purify my mind,

Hum! (invocation to and delight in, the five Buddha Family, Symbolizes; care, compassion, joy and equanimity ).

O Lord,

Vajra of all Tathagathas,

Great Embodhiment of commitment,

(So might it be, So might it endure, So might it remain.)

What is Right Religion? 何為正教

        What is Right Religion?  何為正教

Everybody believes their religion is the best. Many religious leaders would say ” My religion is the only right religion”, well, you can’t really blame them for saying that, because that is how they really see and feel. However, it is extremely important to analyze with your own wisdom.

At my temple, regularly, there are various groups of students and other visitors. One day a group of students with their professor came to visit, asking a lot of questions; one of the question was “What is Right Religion?”. A very good question.

In another occasion, I was invited to attend a multi-faith conference, at the end of conference, the sponsoring organization posted an interesting question to each of us… Among you religious representatives, “who has the right-religion?” while all the other religious representatives go in details elaborated why their religion was the only right one, my answerer was quite simple, only one sentence…”He who holds the truth has the right- religion”. No one rebutted !

Religion is for happiness, not suffering, therefore, we can safely say, a religion that promotes love and compassion, a religion that promotes harmony and universal peace, a religion that teaches people to honor their country, parents, and all living beings, a religion that teaches non-violent, a religion that teaches people how to achieve spiritual freedom in daily life. What brings happiness and peace in one’s life and in the lives of others, these are the right religions.

So, what are you going to believe? if you make the wrong choice, you would know it! why?

Wrong religion can be extremely dangerous, because you would feel unhappy, each day you encounter problems you are unable to find solution for it, you’ll find yourself feeling trapped to that religious organization, that is due to your lack of wisdom. (get out as quickly and as safely as possible)

Learning the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion, one will be kind and develop universal love, and have the ability to solve all problems, because, if you follow the Dharma teachings and practice properly, any problem you thought was problems, is infect no problem at all.

Equalizing and Exchange self and other自他對換

Equalizing and Exchange self and other自他對換

(About the practice of bodhicitta with tong-len (taking and giving) for a meaningful, happy and beneficial life.)

Begin with training ourselves to cherish others as much as we cherish ourselves, we practice to be concerned about other’s happiness and suffering as much as our own.

We give gifts to please and bring joy to our family and friends, because we treasure their love, and who they are, remember we feel really good when we see their joyful smiles and appreciation when they received your gift ? This is a practice of cherishing others, it actually beneficial for our own being as well.

Our practice is to expand this cherishing-others to a broader circle of beings. This doesn’t mean that we should buy strangers gifts, it meant we practice to wish all sentient beings have happiness, and no suffering, with our kindness and compassion. The truth is “Giving Is Receiving”.

When we empower others, at the same time we empower ourselves. We make effort to be caring, kindness, compassion to those in despair, help them with whatever we are able to help, either material things, or spiritual comfort and encouragement, to ease their suffering. The fact is that, by doing so, it brings ourselves to a joyful state of mind.

Contrarily, if you punch someone, at the same time, you are giving the other person the right to punch you back. This is the Law of Nature.

The practice of purification of Body, Speech and Mind, we need to apply all that in the practice of Exchange self and Others. For example; we don’t talk behind someone’s back, because we wouldn’t like others to talk behind our back. We don’t harm other’s in anyway, because we wouldn’t want others to harm us, so always “put ourselves in other’s shoes ” first, before we jump into same short of negative conclusion or action.

All these are fairly elementary for most people, but it is important foundation practice for our Bodhisattva- Path.

The Most Important Buddhist practice 修行的要點

The Most Important Buddhist practice 修行的要點


Most important thing in the Buddhist practice is training our mind to renunciation, bodhichitta, and right view . Developing greater wisdom, with wisdom we will be able to have right (correct) view on the true nature of reality.

With wisdom we will be able to realize the reality of impermanence, all things will change, in split seconds, moment-to-moment…. nothing stays the same, no one can stop the time and changes, therefore, we should not expect everything to stay the same forever. Everything is dream like.

With wisdom helps develop the will of renunciation, this does not mean we give up everything, or doing totally nothing, it meant we detach greed, hatred, jealousy, endless desires of Mandan “stuff “.

With wisdom we will be able to view all sentient beings are precious and loveable; because everyone really has some good quality within. The reason we develop bodhichitta (awakened mind) is with the wish to help all sentient beings to be spiritual free from samsara (literally-suffering)


If our mind is not in renunciation, bodhichitta, and right view, then what happens is our mind is being under the control of ignorance, the ignorance mistakenly holding the “I”, the body of the aggregates as being true self. Being under the control of that, then the three poisonous minds arise, then constantly, we create samsara.

We initiate samsara. during each day, moment-to-moment, we create samsara, we begin samsara, the twelve links of causality. We, ourselves created causes endless samsara , therefore, we have to suffer all this. Therefore, we need to practice Dharma.

We need to realize renunciation to samsara, by realizing that samsara is only in the nature of suffering, like being in the midst of fire. Then we need to realize Bodhichitta, and right view, especially that, the antidote.

Right view is the direct antidote to samsara, to the root of samsara. The antidote is the wisdom realizing emptiness. We have to know the correct emptiness, not what is called “emptiness” by many different schools.

We have to know the “Right /correct” view of emptiness, the most subtle dependent arising. This emptiness we have to realize, without mistake.

That becomes so very important thing in our life is Lam-Rim. The practice of the three principal aspects of the Path is the most important thing. This is more important than a job, money, or anything else in our life.

Remembering and Repaying All Mother Sentient Beings 視眾生為慈母

Remembering and Repaying All Mother Sentient Beings 視眾生為慈母

As we are on our path of Buddhism, it is essential to practice and cultivate love and compassion for all sentient beings, it would be difficult at the beginning, as human being, we naturally like and dislike some people, it take wisdom education and skill to overcome this hindrance.

Since this practice is a must, we can begin with smaller circle, then gradually expend to lager circle. We can begin with our family members and friends. If we can get along with a family member or a friend, we can begin to practice try to understand why and what caused the friction, we first look at ourselves within, do a honest self-inquiry, am I at fault as she/he said or think? if it’s true, we make amendment on our faults as soon as possible, this would usually repair the relationship.

If the other person’s has a grange against you which is a wrong view, then it’s no longer your concern, be detached, we can’t fix someone else’s wrong views we can only continue to kind to them, even though we see their ignorance, we practice to view everyone as a possible mother from previous lives, whom in many previous lives, may have been our mother, and may have been very loving and kind to us. By thinking this way will help us to be kind to them.