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The Most Important Buddhist practice 修行的要點

The Most Important Buddhist practice 修行的要點


Most important thing in the Buddhist practice is training our mind to renunciation, bodhichitta, and right view . Developing greater wisdom, with wisdom we will be able to have right (correct) view on the true nature of reality.

With wisdom we will be able to realize the reality of impermanence, all things will change, in split seconds, moment-to-moment…. nothing stays the same, no one can stop the time and changes, therefore, we should not expect everything to stay the same forever. Everything is dream like.

With wisdom helps develop the will of renunciation, this does not mean we give up everything, or doing totally nothing, it meant we detach greed, hatred, jealousy, endless desires of Mandan “stuff “.

With wisdom we will be able to view all sentient beings are precious and loveable; because everyone really has some good quality within. The reason we develop bodhichitta (awakened mind) is with the wish to help all sentient beings to be spiritual free from samsara (literally-suffering)


If our mind is not in renunciation, bodhichitta, and right view, then what happens is our mind is being under the control of ignorance, the ignorance mistakenly holding the “I”, the body of the aggregates as being true self. Being under the control of that, then the three poisonous minds arise, then constantly, we create samsara.

We initiate samsara. during each day, moment-to-moment, we create samsara, we begin samsara, the twelve links of causality. We, ourselves created causes endless samsara , therefore, we have to suffer all this. Therefore, we need to practice Dharma.

We need to realize renunciation to samsara, by realizing that samsara is only in the nature of suffering, like being in the midst of fire. Then we need to realize Bodhichitta, and right view, especially that, the antidote.

Right view is the direct antidote to samsara, to the root of samsara. The antidote is the wisdom realizing emptiness. We have to know the correct emptiness, not what is called “emptiness” by many different schools.

We have to know the “Right /correct” view of emptiness, the most subtle dependent arising. This emptiness we have to realize, without mistake.

That becomes so very important thing in our life is Lam-Rim. The practice of the three principal aspects of the Path is the most important thing. This is more important than a job, money, or anything else in our life.