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What is Right Religion? 何為正教

        What is Right Religion?  何為正教

Everybody believes their religion is the best. Many religious leaders would say ” My religion is the only right religion”, well, you can’t really blame them for saying that, because that is how they really see and feel. However, it is extremely important to analyze with your own wisdom.

At my temple, regularly, there are various groups of students and other visitors. One day a group of students with their professor came to visit, asking a lot of questions; one of the question was “What is Right Religion?”. A very good question.

In another occasion, I was invited to attend a multi-faith conference, at the end of conference, the sponsoring organization posted an interesting question to each of us… Among you religious representatives, “who has the right-religion?” while all the other religious representatives go in details elaborated why their religion was the only right one, my answerer was quite simple, only one sentence…”He who holds the truth has the right- religion”. No one rebutted !

Religion is for happiness, not suffering, therefore, we can safely say, a religion that promotes love and compassion, a religion that promotes harmony and universal peace, a religion that teaches people to honor their country, parents, and all living beings, a religion that teaches non-violent, a religion that teaches people how to achieve spiritual freedom in daily life. What brings happiness and peace in one’s life and in the lives of others, these are the right religions.

So, what are you going to believe? if you make the wrong choice, you would know it! why?

Wrong religion can be extremely dangerous, because you would feel unhappy, each day you encounter problems you are unable to find solution for it, you’ll find yourself feeling trapped to that religious organization, that is due to your lack of wisdom. (get out as quickly and as safely as possible)

Learning the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion, one will be kind and develop universal love, and have the ability to solve all problems, because, if you follow the Dharma teachings and practice properly, any problem you thought was problems, is infect no problem at all.