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Vajrasattva 100 syllable 百字明咒

Vajrasattva 100 syllable 百字明咒

The Tibetan Mahayana, and Vajrayana practice, we are encouraged to Chant the “Vajrasattva hundred syllable” is a great way to purify one’s negative energy / karma. Recommended chant 21 times every day as repentance for any unwholesome deeds you might have done.


Om Vajrasattva,

Samayam anupalaya ,

Vajrasattva, teno patishta ,

Ardho me bhava ,

Sutokayo me bhava,

Supokayo   me bhava ,

Anurakto   me bhava ,

Sarva siddhi me prayaccha ,

Sarva karma   succha me ,

Chitam shreyam kuru ,


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho !


Sarva Tathagatha ,

Vajra Mahasamayasattva ,

Ah, Hung, P’ehe !

( Literally Translated )

O Vajrasattva,

Guard and protect my commitments,

O Vajrasattva, help me be strong,

Be my constant support,

May I ever be pleasing to you,

May you ever be happy with me,

Hold me in your affectionate regard,

Help me attain all sublime accomplishments,

Help to me act virtuously always,

And to purify my mind,

Hum! (invocation to and delight in, the five Buddha Family, Symbolizes; care, compassion, joy and equanimity ).

O Lord,

Vajra of all Tathagathas,

Great Embodhiment of commitment,

(So might it be, So might it endure, So might it remain.)