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Two truths 性相不二

                                         Two  truths   性相不二

                                 ( Non-duality of form and emptiness 空色一如 )                                      

The Buddha’s teaching of the Dharma is based on two truths: a truth of worldly convention and ultimate truth.

Those who do not understand the distinction drawn between these two truths do not understand the Buddha’s profound truth. Without a foundation in the conventional truth the significance of the ultimate cannot be taught. Without understanding the significance of the ultimate, liberation is not achieved.

The Prajnaparamita Sutras and Madhyamaka emphasized the non-duality of form and emptiness: ” form is emptiness, emptiness is form …” as the Heart Sutra 心經 says. The idea that the ultimate reality is present in the daily world of relative reality.

How the absolute is present in the relative world?

Insight into the empty nature or not-“thing”-ness of everything; the recognition of the Absolute within “the midst of the variety of different situations in action; you see everything before your eyes as your own original true clean face, just as if you were looking at your face in the mirror”. That is, unlike the insight of the first rank, which can be easily disturbed, the second rank has greater constancy in the face of distractions. However, seeing the absolute within the relative does not extend to one’s behavior towards others.

Without explanation and clear-mind listening, it is very hard for one to comprehend these sayings;

All things exist: affirmation of being, negation of nonbeing

All things do not exist: affirmation of nonbeing, negation of being

All things both exist and do not exist: both affirmation and negation

All things neither exist nor do not exist: neither affirmation nor negation

In the “Hear Sutra……emptiness is form, form is emptiness , none time nor timelessness….

All are pointed directly to the pure Buddha nature, which means our true Buddha nature is pure, uncontaminated, and beyond time and space.

For example; If someone asked you to point yourself, you would most likely point to your chest or your head as your “self”, but if you think about it, your chest is not you, and your head is not you, not any part of your body is you, they are “things” or “Parts” belong to you, you are the owner of such and such……Nothing “Yours” is real you.

If you say “I love “, Love is a real feeling, but you are not able to put it in your palm and show it, this is like the Buddha nature, it’s there, but you can’t see it physically. Think about when you were 10 years old, 20 years old, or 30 years old and so on…..your body change with time, but your thoughts, your mind, your feelings etc ….all are not associate with age/time and space. Your true self has never apart from your body; that is the Buddha nature and your form (body) are one, true self is no other than the (from) self. The emptiness of Buddha-nature manifest the form via Karma and Conditions, and the form projects your Buddha-nature combined with previous karma.

*** Hope this is helpful for you to understand the Two Truth.