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Five Skandhas and Eight Consciousness五蘊及八識

Five Skandhas五蘊 and Eight Consciousness 八識

Five Skandhas 五蘊

  1. Rupa: 色 Form or Matter Aggregate: Form 地 Fluid 水Heat 火Moving 風Space 空 Perception 見


  1. Vedana: 受Sensation/ feeling ( 6 sense organs: eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind in contact with the 6 sense

objects: form, sound, smell. taste, bodily impression, mental objects.)

  1. Samjna: 想 Perception/ discrimination ( recognition the mental function of shape, color, length, pain, pleasure etc.)
  2. Samskara: 行 Mental Function (i.e. flashback, will, intention, or mental accounts for craving.)
  3. Vijnana: 識 Consciousness ( Cognitive, discrimination) Provides memory for seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, bodily sensation, and mental consciousness, Manas consciousness, and Alaya consciousness.

Form ——————–Eyes sense

Sound ——————Ears sense

Smell ——————-Nose sense

Taste ——————-Tongue sense

Touch ——————Body   sense

Mind ——————Mind consciousness

The above five aggregates and the mind like the camera, which reflected objects to the mind consciousness, they send all information as “raw material” to the six consciousness to process; by identifying what they are.

For example; when you see a red rose, your eyes sees the shape of a rose, your eyes did not know what it is. your eye-senses send the information to the sixth consciousness ( “Mano-consciousness”).

The sixth consciousness identify it as a red rose (not yellow, white etc.). Then the sixth consciousness sends this information to the seventh consciousness .

There’s Seventh consciousness; it’s called Manas (末那識). It is the “Delude awareness, This seventh consciousness posited on the basis of straightforward cognition, combined with inferential cognition. it is a “mind consciousness”, this is where self grasping, attitude, jealousy, hatred, love, and disturbing emotions all posit. Our Dharma practice of training the mind is to focus on taming the disturbing emotions, and bring the mind to a stable and calm abiding, so life would be more peaceful and enjoyable.

There’s Eighth consciousness; it is called Alaya ( 阿賴耶識) . It is All-encompassing foundation consciousness, it functions the reflexive awareness and storage of memory. Posited on the basis of inferential cognition. In plain explanation; it’s like a storage for all good deeds and bad deeds / good karma or bad karma one generated in the previous and present life times, and all the habits (familiarities) which become like a seed for future becoming, it dictates one ‘s favorable or unfavorable rebirth.

Within the Eighth consciousness, there also is the Amora consciousness (阿摩羅識), it is the pure divine consciousness, it is what is referred to as Buddha-nature .

That is why Buddha said we are all capable to be enlightened, because we all naturally have Buddha-seed or Buddha-nature within. If we purify all the delusions, impurities in our eighth consciousness, leaving only the pure Buddha-nature, we would be free from rebirth in the lower six realms of Samsara.