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Divinity represents the Middle Way 中道法性

                   Divinity represents the Middle Way 中道法性

The methods of the Buddha’s discourse is according the his audience at the time of his teachings. Based on the level of individual or group’s capacity, to teach the contains which they might comprehend.

The intend of all teachings are to point to the same direction; which is to lead one to attain enlightenment.

Divinity is the pure mind, free from all disturbing emotions, non-attachment, non-thought state.

Our mind is fragmentary, we constantly have thoughts , and there are only a small split second of thoughtless time span in between. That is why Buddhist practitioners meditate to train the mind, to bring the busy thinking mind to a more stable state, to reduce the time span of fluttery thoughts to thoughtless, extending the time pan of thoughtless mind to the maximum, in other words, being thoughtless all the time. This thoughtless time span is the Middle Way.

That does not mean that we don’t think at all, like a rock or vegetable, it meant we bring the mind to a stable and pure state. Only with pure mind can we see the true reality, like the mirror reflecting all things. The mirror dose not judge what object it reflect, or differentiate what it reflect.

Like the sun, it shines on everywhere, like the earth, it accepts all things, or like the US dollars, it serves the purpose of exchange for goods and services, no matter who and anyone who use it. It is non-judgmental, it is equality.

The Middle Way is not what the mundane way of thinking, like left, right and the middle, top and bottom, and there’s the middle, it’s like a clean mirror.

To achieve this state of mind takes serious meditation of jhana, by transcending our mind through the five skandhas, purifying the six the consciousness, and seventh consciousness (the disturbing emotions based), directly altering the eighth consciousness to become pure.

An example of a storage; if we take out all the junk in the storage, and replace it with useable items in a organized order, we would be much more productive. By purifying our mind, simultaneously wisdom will be developed. Only with wisdom can we salve all mundane problems, mentally and spiritually .