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You are a Buddha 你就是佛

You are a Buddha 你就是佛

The Buddha nature is within each of us, therefore, when we say “become a Buddha”, it really meant “Recover our true self”. We need not look elsewhere, it is within each of us all along. The reason we cannot see our true self, is because our mind have been contaminated I for very long time; from past lives to current life time. Our mind is filled with delusion, which prevented us from seeing our true self. It’s like layering our mind with heavy clouds, the sun is always there, but we cannot see it through the clouds.

It’s like we are wearing dirty glasses, seeing all things in the wrong way, and based on those incorrect views, we make all kinds of mistakes, causing all our sufferings; we suffer from stress, worries, dissatisfaction, jealousy, hatred, desires, proud, doubts etc. which we don’t even realize. Thus, the source of suffering is our illusory mind.

To end suffering, we begin purify our body, speech and mind; do good things, speak good words, and good thoughts. The fact is that every one of us have some short comings, we all make some mistakes, no one is perfect. We can begin to forgive ourselves, and forgive others. By practice saying good words to others, try to over look their faults, every person have some good quality, everyone can be our teacher in some way. With this attitude, you will notice your life gradually become happier and happier, That is making others happy is making yourself happy, because the truth is that, we are inseparably interconnected.

When our mind is purified, we will begin to see all things in the true sense, happiness will naturally arise, we can breathe better, carrying oxygen throughout our body, we intern become healthier. Many types of illness come from stress, worrying, anger, hatred, and jealousy. these are invisible poisons to our health, I am sure you doctor would agree to this theory. This is physical benefits of practicing Buddha-Dharma.

Most importantly, Buddhism practice leads us to spiritually free, it is the main purpose of the Buddha’s teachings. You might say Buddha dharma is too hard to understand, well, “yes” and “No”. Yes, because the Buddha taught 49 years of Truth, there are truck loads of scriptures to study, one cannot read it all in a life time, but you only need to comprehend one path, you could achieve enlightenment. And “NO” (not hard) because your Buddha nature is within yourself, not out there somewhere that you have to travel around the world seeking for it, you simply “put it down” and there you “Are”.

Remember this little prayer:

When sitting, sit like a Buddha.

When eating, eat like a Buddha.

When talking, talk like a Buddha.

When walking, walk like a Buddha.

You are wise and compassionate like the Buddha.

You are a Buddha.