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Liberation without Religion 解脫不在於宗教

               Liberation without Religion 解脫不在於宗教

I know many people would probably strongly oppose even the name of this topic, and say “What…?”

Well, I have to tell the truth. Liberation is spiritual freedom, it has nothing to do with the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

liberation is getting free from suffering of cyclic existence, constraint or difficulties in life, ability to disentangle from meaningless activities, detachment of emotional disturbances, freeing spirit to a joyful realm, that is true happiness.

Buddhism is the path coincide with scientific, natural and spiritual.

Scientific; our body is composed of the four elements, earth, water, air, heat. Our body is the earth, all liquids in the body is water, we need air to breath, our body temperature is the heat. If any of the four elements off balance, we get sick. or if we get upset, our blood pressure goes up– like boiling water, our face tern red–heated temperature etc., makes us feeling sick. Meditation calms our mind and body, intern contribute to better health, coincide with medical Science.

Natural; because Buddhism emphasis “Cause and Effect”, it is the law of nature, it directly associates with our daily life, all our actions (of body, speech and mind / thoughts,) that generates “Karma”, which we cannot see, but it’s there waiting to dictate our future becoming or consequence ( it maybe good or bad).

Spiritual: by understanding how the law of nature works, we can apply the methods learned from Dharma, Anterograde (Same direction) the natural law, life will be more smooth, instead of surfing our life against waves. The Buddhism leads one to positive spiritual transformation, and develop superior wisdom and genuine compassion. It is the great wisdom enable one to rid the root of problems in life.

Therefore, anyone can attain liberation without religion, anyone can practice Buddhism, there’s no geographic limitations, Buddhism can be practiced by young or old, man or woman, black or white, beautiful or ugly, oriental, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, or atheist.

That is why we have noticed there are more and more Westerners entering the stream of Buddhism.

Sharing a Quotation by Albert Einstein: The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. it should be transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology. Covering both the natural and spiritual, it should be based on religious sense arising from the experience of all things natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity. Buddhism answers this description…….if there is any religion that could cope with modern scientific needs, it would be Buddhism.