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Eight Winds Immovable 八風吹不動

Eight Winds Immovable 八風吹不動

The Buddhist term ” Eight Winds” is an analogy describing how emotions being disturbed candle in the wind. Eight Winds referring to 1. Success 利, 2. failure 衰, 3. Slander 毀, 4. Glorification 譽, 5. Praise 稱, 6. Ridicule 譏, 7. Suffering 苦, 8. Joyful 樂.

  1. Success 利 : We all want to work hart and be successful. If we are fortunate enough to be successful in whatever we do, we should be thankful for the opportunities, and people who contributed to our success. Do not be proud and arrogant, have gratitude toward people who helped us, remember. all things subject to change. And take the opportunity to do some charitable actions, create some good karma for ourselves, it is the only thing that follow us when we leave this world.
  2. failure 衰 : Failure doesn’t represent who we are, all successful people have experienced failure, the just experienced it more times than average people. Most people quit after experience a few time of failure, often if they just need to give a little more try and a little more time.

Take me for example; like many senior citizens, leaning how to use computer was a challenge, learning to type Chinese on computer makes my hair turned green …. but I remembered; don’t give up. And here I am, writing something to share with you. Remember! my friends, don’t ever give up if you fail.

Slander 毀 : If you study and comprehend Dharma, you know slandering is nothing but useless words that pass through our ears, it should be the easiest thing to overcome. We don’t take trash! we dust it off our shoulder and move on with important things in life. Almost every great people in the history have faced all kind of slandering, Jesus, The Buddha, The Dalai Lama…..I think slandering makes one become stronger.

Fame譽: It is a sphere of appearances, it is a state of mind, by others and by ourselves, it is impermanent, it is lack inherent existence, it comes and go, it is dream like, it is illusory. Enjoy it, but don’t be obsess with it. All things subject to change.

Praise 稱: Glorification is a good thing, except don’t get carried away , be careful! avoid proud and arrogant. Remember the saying….my friend! my enemy! people will change., All things subject to change.

Ridicule 譏: To me it is best to handle it similar to the way with “Slander”, simply ignored it, useless words that pass through our ears. It is the best opportunity to practice tolerance, patience, and forgiving. ignorance people can make themselves look very bad, and not realize it, we really need to forgive them.

Suffering 苦: In the Buddhism, identified suffering in details; all sentient being experience inevitable suffering of Birth, Aging, sickness, death, encounter hostile people, and unwanted situations, separated from loved ones and from what we desire, suffering of anxiety, dissatisfaction, discontentment, suffering mentally and   physically, and all types of natural disasters etc.
Buddhism offers ultimate solutions to transform suffering to true happiness, this is why we are studying and practicing Buddhism.

Joyful 樂: All sentient being seek for happiness, but joyful moments are often rare and short, birthday parties, wedding, vacations etc. after the occasion is over, you feel like a good dream……Impermanent always in charge.
External happiness doesn’t last, true happiness is from within, which is spiritual enlightenment, the everlasting bliss, peace in the mind, recover the pure light of true self, is the eternal ceaseless joy.