Daily Archives: June 24, 2016

Everything is perfect as Is 一切恰好

   Everything is perfect as Is

Upon Buddha’s Enlightenment, he says….”.How wonderful! how wonderful! everything is perfect as is!”

If we had heard that statement today, we probably wondering …what’s so wonderful about? my life is a mess! my job sucks! I am having so much stress etc. But if you carefully think about it, it is true about his realization.

For example; if we try to talk to a three year old child on an adult level, he would not be able to understand, if we planted water melon, we could not expect it to produce bananas. Everything has its source, every person has their level of capacity, each achieve exactly as their ability to perform. Therefore, everything is perfectly as they are.

With this understanding, we will be able to rationalize that all things in nature, the people, the earth, the animals, the wars on earth, weather etc. back to the source, the “cause and effect”, “because this, so the result is that”, this is the law if nature, and it never change.

I like the “Serenity Prayer; ” God grand me the courage to change things that I can, accept the things that I can’t, and have the wisdom to know the difference”. if we always being alert, and aware   and mindful of all things, and identifying whether it is acceptable? or is it possible to change within our own ability? and make decision base on the careful anylization, we should be able to make pretty sound decisions for ourselves.

In our life, it is good idea to be an observer of the world, and not emotionally of it. They said that the world is a stage, each of us must play a part of it. So it is a “Play”, don’t get overly attached to it. Because everything has its own course, if you play against its natural course, it can bring suffering, it’s like surfing, you want to ride the waves instead of against it.

Many times I see family fighting over estate fortunes before the owner even deceased, and when the owner of estate dies, the children really fight, until no one speak to each other in the family. How unfortunate? If you ever in a similar situation, within the family , work place, or in an organization, always remember to ask yourself this question; “is it worth it? are you overly attached? with money or position etc. Any strong attachment will surely being spiritual suffering.

Often wining equals losing, it’s hard to believe this concept, but it’s true, especially with marriage relationships.

Old monk always said; let go the best to others, let others enjoy all glorious, let others be the winners, accept all blame and defeat.

Well! this was very difficult for me to accept at the beginning. later I begin to practice and observe the outcomes, guess what? it’s true, by and being courtliness, humble, everybody likes you and respect you, you gain more friends, and get more accomplishment.

Often, those being praised became corrupted, the winners didn’t win that much anyway, and eventually lost to the bottom.

Remember! all things subject to constant change, life is really here and now, being mindful of moment-to-moment activities, events, and all things as reality, without the mind of attachment, and truly experience it, this is true living.