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Wisdom and Compassion 悲智雙修

Wisdom and Compassion 悲智雙修

The ultimate goal of practicing Buddhism is to develop superior wisdom and universal compassion, wisdom and compassion are like two wins of the bird, and they must be balanced. Wisdom without compassion can become very powerful and dangerous, compassion without wisdom can become a nice little fool, therefore we need to develop both.

Wisdom is developed through mind training. our mind is like wild horse, moving very rapidly and goes everywhere nonstop, our mind is also fragmentary, leaving little time of calmness, with this unstable state of mind, often we make mistakes in life, over and over, by misjudging things and make decisions base on those false information.

There are various steps to training the mind, we can first begin simplify our life by eliminate unnecessary things, material objects and spiritual clutters. This is making room for you space internally and externally. if your house is cluttered, you live in it, will subconsciously burdened the spirit, less is better, openness environment helps open up your heart, and make you happier. And by reducing you unnecessary activities, frees up your time and energy , this helps your ability to relax the mind and body. Following precepts is most important practice, it keeps your consciousness clear. (please refer to previous postings on precepts)

Daily placement meditation is highly recommended, find a quite place, sit for a while (the longer the better), clear your mind, and being aware of your surroundings and your mind’s activities, with this practice, extend this awareness throughout your daily life, in a here-and-now, moment-to-moment state mindset. Wisdom will arise when your mind is in a calm abiding state at all time, it becomes clear seeing of all things in the true sense.

To develop universal compassion, we must first be kind to ourselves, forgive ourselves of our own faults, make sincere repentances and vow not to commit those same mistakes again. we develop our own self respect with honesty, integrity, and sound ethics, treat all beings like we wish to be treated, people will love us. We must love ourselves first, so we will be able to love others. If this is hard, we can start with our family, friends, and our circle first, then extend this ability to a wider association, it will get easier with practice.

I know it’s difficult when others are not in the same path as we are, negativity situation occurs, let go of jealousy, envy, fame, name, praise and blame, there are all in the contaminations of the mind, simply be you as you are.

Remember every sentient being seeks happiness as we are, each have their point of view, it can be perfectly wrong, yet it is their view as if it is perfectly right, what do we do then? let go of it! You do need wisdom to protect yourself from any type of harm, you can get away from it or be detached. Love them as they are perfectly imperfect, just as we are.

In a group setting, do not “overly opinionated” , be inclusive and kind to the weak and individuals with lower capacity, we have the capacity to do so while most others don’t. And there is no need to be “I am right, you are wrong” attitude too strongly. all thing has its own course, the law of nature always take care itself, with or without you and me.

The most famous and powerful people in the history, no trace of it today. We actually, do not really own anything forever, when we are gone from this earth, everything we left behind will change hands, some others will use what used to be ours. So, it is wise to obtain what we need, and enjoy it while we can, not trying too hard to accumulate huge amount of stuff (material objects or money) that we don’t really need, which spare us spiritually and physically hardships.

Truly take good care of ourselves, no one else can do it for us, don’t forget to enjoy life each moment and each day, because that’s all we have, this is truly living a life.