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Identifying the Subject and the Object 認清本體與客塵

 Identifying the Subject and the Object 認清本體與客塵

As I was watching TV , a program showing a teenager committed suicide because some bully friends told her that she was ugly. And this type of tragedy happened many cases in many cities, how unfortunate!

Due to Karma dictation on rebirth, we are so fortunate to obtain a precious human body, and a powerful mind, we are granted with all happiness and joy, but why so many people living a life of misery? It is because we are confuse with our true identity, we mistaking why we are, our minds are deluded, contaminated, and fill with illusion, most time we are lost between true Object and Subject.

one direct description would be; you are the subject on earth, everything you can see, everything you get in contact, and everything or everyone related to you is the object. It’s … you are here, and they are out there. you are in total control of your own actions and consequences ( cause and effect), this is law of nature. when you are confused who is subject, and who or whatever is the object, you don’t know where is your place / position.

If you are the host, and your guest telling you that you should place your furniture in some different way, and you feel that you have to follow their wishes, not only they are confused who is the host, you are also confused enough to listen to them, you should remember you are the host, you are staying in your own home, they are the guests, and they are coming and going. The host don’t change, but the guest will, this apply to everything.

Our true self is the unchanging host, all phenomena are our guests, the host entertain the guests, but we don’t go with them when they leave. The true self never change, everything else change constantly, moment-to-moment changing, including our body and mind. Behold our true self is behold our spirit, let not our body and mind drift away from our spirit, this is how we take control of our own life.

Example; when we look at flowers, we are the subject, the flowers are the object, when we look at the flowers, the flowers does not look back at us, this shows that the subject and the object is not interchanged. Now we can see that every other sentient being is the subject on their own, when they establish their view on us (positive or negative) , we cannot exchange our view with theirs. Any persons point of view has to do with numerous life times of karma imprints, it is perfectly as they are (good or not good)!

Whatever comes to your way, it’s like a pie in front of you, you can eat it, or you can leave it untouched. If we learn to see thing clearly, identifying the subject and object, and remember you are your own boss, life would be much more simple and joyful.