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let not our heart wrinkled 勿令心生皺紋

                                         let not our heart wrinkled 勿令心生皺紋

We get wrinkles from aging, the older we get, the more wrinkle we have, it’s just natural process. The fact is that our true self does not wrinkle, because it is beyond time, the things you see when you were as a child and the things you today, the eye consciousness of “seeing” does not change. The differences are you perceptions, the senses of eyes changed with your age, along with all our emotions, disturbing emotions cause stress, and invisible heart ache. The “heart wrinkles” is not our physical heart but in the spiritual sense, which will show through our physical appearances, results are wrinkles on our face and body.

I once read an article on a magazine ( can’t remember which, it maybe People Magazine, not sure) In the article, they showed photos of two 60 year old ladies, one is a ordinary lady, whom party a lot during her younger years, and worked hard all her life, she looked very old with a lot of wrinkle on her face. The other lady was a Buddhist nun, though was same age, she looked very young, she looked very peaceful and serene, hardly any wrinkle on her face. There were a huge difference between the two individuals.

So, how do our hearts get wrinkled? it is from our body, speech and mind, when we have hatred against someone, when we say or do something harmful against others, anything negative actions, thoughts, intentions, jealousy, anger, emotional disturbances, puts wrinkles in our heart, the kind of wrinkle that are permanent imprints in our spirits, it is called Karma, which dictates our future becoming (rebirth), no miracle drug or cream can wipe it off our heart or face. It is deeply imbedded in our 8th consciousness, which cause all our sufferings.

The practice of good hearted, generous heat, open heart, big heart is a great idea. We will be much happier and healthier. We need to treat ourselves really good, and take really good care of ourselves, the truth is that no one else can do it for us. Practice to let go of unimportant worries, don’t allow little stuff stress you out. There are endless unjustified events we experience in our daily life, like when you worked real hard to great a great result of a project, and someone else stepped in and take all the credit for it, or someone else stills your business deals, or your sibling take your portion of inheritance etc. let them have it! you will do fine without it, it’s not worth the stress and heart ache, life is too short.

As an old monk used to say; for anything I have, take all you want, carry it away all you can, drink my blood if you are so thirst, eat my flesh if you are so hungry, gnaw my bones if you so desire, and carry away what’s left. You can take anything that is mine (belong to me), but you can’t take me (the true self-true you).

remember! anything that you call “yours” is not you, “Yours” means things belong to you….your body, your hand, feet, head, (they are not you, and your car, your house, your reputation, your pride etc., all seemed so important, but if you carefully think about it, they are all forms of perceptions, they lack inherent existence, how can we afford to cling ourselves to such illusory things, that we even suffer for it?

Therefore, we need to life a life of joy, be detached of all negativities of ourselves, and of others attempted to place upon us, living our life in the illusory state is living in the dream world, we must waking up from that state of existence, life is really here-and-now, yesterday has ended, today is a new beginning, tomorrow has not yet come, so our life is really now, moment-to-moment is our true life, truly live a life is being truly aware of here-and-now.

Enjoy here-and-now, moment-by-moment to the fullest, and let not our heart wrinkled.