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What is the Truth? 真理是什麼?

What is the Truth? 真理是什麼?

“Truth” in dictionary : real, real situation, actual state of affairs, natural science,. Which is not false.

In the spiritual sense, it is truth reality, uncontaminated, unchangeable, law of nature, pure essence, equality.

Once I was asked; What is right religion? my answer was quite simple, a religion coincide with “The Truth” is right religion.

Whoever teach The Truth is on the right path, it could be any religion, because there is only one truth.

Truth is universal equality, universal compassion, Truth cannot be changed, like the earth rotate around the sun. Truth is equanimity in every way, none judgmental, none discriminate, total inclusive of all things like the earth, the earth didn’t care who walks on it, it didn’t care if we dig a hole on it.

Truth is the law of nature, this statement coincide with the Buddha’s teaching ” Cause and Effect”, also Newton’s law; “Every action generates equal or negative reaction”.

The Buddha based on His personal experiences tough the “Four Noble Truths”, (Please refer to the previous posting on “Four Noble Truths”). Our life cycle of birth, sickness, aging and death, these are unchangeable truth.

Also , over 2500 years ago, the Buddha stated that there are multiple universe existed, which the scientist today discovered to be true. The Buddha also proclaimed that there more intelligent living being exist in other spheres of universe, and now we are seeing incidents of UFOs and ETs. Therefore, how can we not believe His words?

All His teachings are to help us recover our truth self, the true self is uncontaminated, pure spirit, our true nature is loving, none judgmental, none jealousy, none hatred, none greed, none discriminate, none attachments, none suffering. Our life should be all joy and true happiness.

So, why are we earth people are living so miserably? there are people live to kill, steal, and do all kinds harm to others. The Dalai Lama once said ” We are all going to die some day, why kill ?”, it’s so true, He is really a wise man.

Our daily practice is to train our mind to be pure minded, eliminate our greed, hatred, jealousy, and endless desires for pleasure and material stuff, these are called “Poisons” to our mind, poison to our consciousness, which cause our suffering. Being aware of our body (actions), speech, and mind (avoid bad intentions), we will be happier as we continue our spiritual path. Never give up the practice.

Can’t get, Can’t get rid of 得不到, 捨不去

Can’t get, Can’t get rid of 得不到, 捨不去

Lately I have counseling some people with family problems, marriage problems, children problems, relationships etc.

Buddhism emphasizes Cause and Effect, or Karma, all things happened due to karma creations, therefore, to understand the current conditions, we can trace back to previous causes.

Marriage for example, you fall in love with someone you think was perfect at the time, then after getting married, things seemed changed drastically to worse. First, we need to go back to our true seeing, that is our conscious sense of seeing, not with our physical eyes, when we see a person and like or dislike that person, our conscious minds-eye identifies the individual combined with previous karma-connections. When you fall in love, you had karma connection with the person, this karma connection maybe for a long time or short time, when that karma connection is exhausted, the relationship ends, this apply to good relationship and bad relationship.

A good relationship could be in your previous lives, you have done favors for one another, care for and was kind to one another, this time around, you are harmonious with each other.

A bad relationship could be that you might have done wrong to one another, and there are feelings of hatred or unjust against each other, that kind of feeling imbedded deep in the eighth Alaya consciousness, which carried over to next rebirth. So this time around, the two meet again, entangled life together and fight. Therefore, it’s important to practice forgiveness, tolerance, and do not hold grudge or hatred against anyone.

In the Buddha’s First discourse– the Four noble Truth, first truth is Suffering, which includes can’t get what you want, Can’t get rid of what you don’t want. these are conditions from previous causes. If you cannot get something which you want real bad, it means “not meant to be”, let go of it, you don’t need it!

If you stuck with something you don’t want, it’s your karma connection, deal with it best you can. the party might be your previous creditor, returning to collect your debt. or maybe someone you have done harm to in the previous life, and this time around he or she always think you owe them a living, or always hateful to you. In this case, treat him or her like your special guest, give them the best treatment you can, because if this is a creditor, you want be happily repay the debt, if this is someone you have done harm in the previous, you want to be very nice to them, and pay them with great kindness.

If you do all these, things will change for the better, because that is how the law of nature works. Believe me! I have seen many times, it worked for people I know, so I suggest you try it, if you have similar difficulties in life.

What is Success in Life 生命之勝道

What is Success in Life 生命之勝道

Generally, our society measure success base on wealth, fame and status. The fact that wealthy people are not always happy, celebrities often have more problem than ordinary folks, and people with high status usually constant stressed out.

Buddhist point of view, success is quite different, if you are free from stress, have good health, sufficient living condition, and are positive in all things, you are considered fairly success in life.

Many times, I witness a person that is facing death would make common…what have done with my life? now I am dying…all those great ambitions, and struggles, happy moments, angry moments, sad moments…….at this moment, death is near, all have little meaning! if I could start over, I would ……(live a life differently)

Those experiences ware truly the best teachings for me. When I encountered the Buddhism, it answered all my questions. Such as why do bad things happened to good people? why do some people always have good luck and do little to achieve great fortune? why do people married someone they hate? etc.

Buddhism emphasize cause and effect, and re-incarnations, karma and actions. If we generated good karma, we will have better rebirth, that is cause and effect. So the Buddha says to his disciples….”do all that is good, and avoid all that is bad’, “treat everyone equal, and be detached from the world phenomena”. Another words, living in the world, and not of it. or be an observer of the phenomena.

I often suggest to people came for advise that, live each day as last day of our life, make plains as if we are going to life forever. life our life in the moment-to-moment path, being awakened, aware of all our activities, thoughts, and our speech. Don’t do or say anything that we might regret, or cost a relationship. If we do that, we should have as many friends as we wish, and are comfortable with ourselves, and others around us.

Often, we stressed out, this emotional suffering could very well be from our endless desires, wanting more of everything, bigger house, nicer car, more and more money in the bank, higher position, better recognitions etc. all these desires cause us to work much harder, and often result in disappointments, thus we experiencing disturbing emotions and sufferings.

We cannot expect everyone to love us, it’s okay if they don’t, just be true and fair to ourselves and others. It is good idea to simplify our own life, don’t spent our hard earned money on stuff we don’t really need, so we don’t have to work as hard for it, eliminate unnecessary activities, so we don’t exhaust our energy for meaninglessly. The best person to take good care of you is yourself.

Take really good care of yourself, spend time with people you love, value each moment of your life, because we cannot trade-in our body, or re-live our life.

Live a simplified life, truly enjoy it moment-to-moment, here-and-now. Think about “Less is More “, you will realize that your life is quite successful.