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What is Success in Life 生命之勝道

What is Success in Life 生命之勝道

Generally, our society measure success base on wealth, fame and status. The fact that wealthy people are not always happy, celebrities often have more problem than ordinary folks, and people with high status usually constant stressed out.

Buddhist point of view, success is quite different, if you are free from stress, have good health, sufficient living condition, and are positive in all things, you are considered fairly success in life.

Many times, I witness a person that is facing death would make common…what have done with my life? now I am dying…all those great ambitions, and struggles, happy moments, angry moments, sad moments…….at this moment, death is near, all have little meaning! if I could start over, I would ……(live a life differently)

Those experiences ware truly the best teachings for me. When I encountered the Buddhism, it answered all my questions. Such as why do bad things happened to good people? why do some people always have good luck and do little to achieve great fortune? why do people married someone they hate? etc.

Buddhism emphasize cause and effect, and re-incarnations, karma and actions. If we generated good karma, we will have better rebirth, that is cause and effect. So the Buddha says to his disciples….”do all that is good, and avoid all that is bad’, “treat everyone equal, and be detached from the world phenomena”. Another words, living in the world, and not of it. or be an observer of the phenomena.

I often suggest to people came for advise that, live each day as last day of our life, make plains as if we are going to life forever. life our life in the moment-to-moment path, being awakened, aware of all our activities, thoughts, and our speech. Don’t do or say anything that we might regret, or cost a relationship. If we do that, we should have as many friends as we wish, and are comfortable with ourselves, and others around us.

Often, we stressed out, this emotional suffering could very well be from our endless desires, wanting more of everything, bigger house, nicer car, more and more money in the bank, higher position, better recognitions etc. all these desires cause us to work much harder, and often result in disappointments, thus we experiencing disturbing emotions and sufferings.

We cannot expect everyone to love us, it’s okay if they don’t, just be true and fair to ourselves and others. It is good idea to simplify our own life, don’t spent our hard earned money on stuff we don’t really need, so we don’t have to work as hard for it, eliminate unnecessary activities, so we don’t exhaust our energy for meaninglessly. The best person to take good care of you is yourself.

Take really good care of yourself, spend time with people you love, value each moment of your life, because we cannot trade-in our body, or re-live our life.

Live a simplified life, truly enjoy it moment-to-moment, here-and-now. Think about “Less is More “, you will realize that your life is quite successful.