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What is the Truth? 真理是什麼?

What is the Truth? 真理是什麼?

“Truth” in dictionary : real, real situation, actual state of affairs, natural science,. Which is not false.

In the spiritual sense, it is truth reality, uncontaminated, unchangeable, law of nature, pure essence, equality.

Once I was asked; What is right religion? my answer was quite simple, a religion coincide with “The Truth” is right religion.

Whoever teach The Truth is on the right path, it could be any religion, because there is only one truth.

Truth is universal equality, universal compassion, Truth cannot be changed, like the earth rotate around the sun. Truth is equanimity in every way, none judgmental, none discriminate, total inclusive of all things like the earth, the earth didn’t care who walks on it, it didn’t care if we dig a hole on it.

Truth is the law of nature, this statement coincide with the Buddha’s teaching ” Cause and Effect”, also Newton’s law; “Every action generates equal or negative reaction”.

The Buddha based on His personal experiences tough the “Four Noble Truths”, (Please refer to the previous posting on “Four Noble Truths”). Our life cycle of birth, sickness, aging and death, these are unchangeable truth.

Also , over 2500 years ago, the Buddha stated that there are multiple universe existed, which the scientist today discovered to be true. The Buddha also proclaimed that there more intelligent living being exist in other spheres of universe, and now we are seeing incidents of UFOs and ETs. Therefore, how can we not believe His words?

All His teachings are to help us recover our truth self, the true self is uncontaminated, pure spirit, our true nature is loving, none judgmental, none jealousy, none hatred, none greed, none discriminate, none attachments, none suffering. Our life should be all joy and true happiness.

So, why are we earth people are living so miserably? there are people live to kill, steal, and do all kinds harm to others. The Dalai Lama once said ” We are all going to die some day, why kill ?”, it’s so true, He is really a wise man.

Our daily practice is to train our mind to be pure minded, eliminate our greed, hatred, jealousy, and endless desires for pleasure and material stuff, these are called “Poisons” to our mind, poison to our consciousness, which cause our suffering. Being aware of our body (actions), speech, and mind (avoid bad intentions), we will be happier as we continue our spiritual path. Never give up the practice.