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Victorious of praising 讚語的勝益

Victorious of praising  讚語的勝益

Most people enjoy praise, recognition etc., therefore our practice should include offering others sincere praise and acknowledgement of their excellence . Praising makes others happy, also, make ourselves happy too, it’s a win-win act, and it’s free.

Praising to a child is very important, it reinforce to a child’s confidence in taking on and experiencing new things.

Praising is a good way for us to exercise seeing only other’s good qualities. Why? First, for our own benefit; if we only collect good things in our mind, we will naturally have pure mind and become happier. And recognize others excellence makes them happy too, and we will attract and the opportunity to help people to the wondrous Dharma practice, leading them onto the path of spiritual freedom.

If you wish to look for bad qualities, look for you own only. By applying self inquiry, look for our own down falls will help our own practice on purification of body, speech and mind.

Praising should be sincere and natural, not out of way to do it for the sake of praising. We praise at the proper time and space. We can begin without thinking about “Praising”, just practice looking for other people’s  good qualities, begin with your family and friends, one by one, look for their good qualities, then expend to other lager circles.

If you are in a church or a temple, look around for the one others considered “most unlovable” person, and go introduce yourself to that person, have a conversation, and try to look for their good qualities, you would be surprised that, that individual is not so “unlovable” after all, even more interesting, you might found out that this individual have something we can learn from, and that he or she has certain special talent that no one else was aware of. This was my experience, Try it yourself.