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Renunciation and Detachment 出離與放下

Renunciation and Detachment 出離與放下

The first step to “Entering The Stream” in Buddhism practice is come to realization of the impermanence of the reality, that all things are subject to change, that nothing remains the same forever, that everything was born, will die some day, everything that was constructed, will deteriorate, and love ones will separate from us or die one day. Therefore it’s important to developing the mind of Renunciation, not “giving up”, it is renouncing the endless craving of material objests and emotional entanglement, renouncing the mundane concerns “the Eight Winds”, those are Success, Failure, Fame, Slander, Praise, Ridicule, Joy, and Sorrow. Renouncing greed, hatred, and jealousy, causes for cyclic existence of rebirth and suffering.

You may say; why renounce success, fame and joy? It is not that you should give up striving for success, give up being famous, or giving up enjoyment in life, it meant not being overly attached to them, We should enjoy the good fortunes at the time to the fullest, but always keep in mind that, all things subject to change.

Our universe has it’s natural cycle, there’s day and night, there’s sunshine and rain, whenever there’s a winner, there will be a loser, parties will soon end, new born is the beginning of an end. it’s just the law of nature.

Understanding and realizing this fact,  like the Buddha said upon His Enlightenment “,… wonderful! how wonderful! everything is perfect as is”. Thus, there is nothing for us to be surprised about.

When we see a little child crying his heart out for a piece of candy, we know it is the beginning of human desires, and it is nature, when we hear someone jump from tenth floor after a terrible stock crash, we understand that the individual is lack knowledge of Dharma, that he was unable to let go of the misfortune of losing large sum of money, that life is always more valuable than money.

Money, in reality is something, paper (Currency) or pieces of metal ( gold, silver etc.) which we use in exchange for things we need or want. We do need some for survival in modern society, having too much, unless sharing it with the needy, it really mean nothing but a pile of “stuff”, you can’t take it with you when you leave this earth. We came empty handed, and we will go empty handed, everything in between is the “passage” of our life, they are ” Continual Experiences”, which including people, events, and possessions.

Therefore, our practice is to value all things, here-and-now, yet not be too attached, or clinging to it. This is the path to spiritual freedom. When we have plentiful of everything , we know it could change any time, when we think or feel like the whole world is coming to an end, life is just too much suffering, remember, it could change for the better any time, when we encounter people rude and showed disrespect to us, we know it is because they don’t know us well enough, and they don’t realize that they themselves are ignorant, So we dust it off our shoulder, forgive them and move on.

majority of people are smart and kind, and most time with good intentions, the truth is that people do make unintended mistakes, including ourselves, so we practice being kind hearted at all time as possible, always think positive, before jump into negative conclusion. This way, we can avoid, and alleviate a lot of unnecessary stress in life.

Om Mani Padme Hum!