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A world of Power Struggle 權勢鬥爭的世界

A world of Power Struggle 權勢鬥爭的世界

This is true since beginning of time, and apply to all sentient beings, from tiny little creatures up to most intelligent human beings. The struggles to domination for powers, fortune, fame and name etc., and the animals; they fight for territories, food supplies, and mates. It is natural behaviors in the realm of earth.

Most recently, we have witness the political activities in the full swing in the United States, many people are stressed out for all the negativities flying in the air.

I remembered, once the Dalai Lama prayed; ” May I never become a politician in my future lives”. Maybe because, it seems traditionally, for one to win, one must push down the opponent anyway they can, thus the candidates will do their best to talk bad things about one another ( whether it be true or not) . This is obviously contradicts the Buddhist practice of seeing and speaking only good qualities of others.

As a civilian, we have the right and duty; to vote for the one you feel best suited for that position, then let the outcome take its course, be detached from emotional turmoil. Some people may be concerned of maybe facing economic crisis , stock up or down, there may be wars etc.

The Buddha’ s teaching on the Four Noble Truth, the first Truth is suffering, which include ” Change”, all things subject to change, moment-to-moment. Therefore, we must learn to fine-tune ourselves, and move with the waves of Changes in life. Just as when we get old, we have to adjust our activities according to our physical ability.

The old rules of thumb is that, in this modern society, we should always be prepared for change. Prepare what? like have some cash at hand for about three months of living expenses, have enough food supply for about three months or longer, have an emergency pack ready in case of nature disaster, like tornado or flood. Just do your best to prepare for “Rainy days”.

Although, the ancient old monks might have said that one should not accumulate wealth, and keep extra food etc. But we have to be realistic, we are living in a different time, we must adjust our life with wisdom, accordingly with time and space. We will have peace of mind and being able to enjoy life here and now.