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Command Presence 當下的覺醒

Command Presence 當下的覺醒

Generally, our mind is scattered everywhere, like the speed of light, this tendency is due to lack of awareness of our “Self”, another words, the ” true self” has left us, and you are not even aware of.

For example; you are having conversation with someone, and during the conversation of an event or topic, they suddenly they started to talk something totally unrelated, leaving you scratching your head!?

Buddhism practice is to develop a stable mind, therefore, training the mind is the most important practice. The mind training practice actually is quite simple, we just have to practice to focus the mind, the tendency to have our mind leaving us is very high, like a wild horse, we have to train it, tame it, . So put a leash on your mind, don’t let it run off from you. Make this “wild horse” tame and controllable, this is taming your mind, only then, you mind can be focused, and being aware of you actions, body, speech and thoughts.

The Buddha said that every person have Buddha-Nature, every person have nature wisdom, everyone can, have the ability to attain enlightenment. But somehow, we can’t seem to find it-the True self / Buddha nature. The “Wiseman” is not, that because they are somehow smarter, they just have developed a very stable mind, the “wise” comes from clear seeing of the true nature of reality, seeing things as they really are, without delusion, and contamination. We are like that, wearing a pair of dirty glasses, we have good eyes just like the Wiseman, but with dirty glasses we see everything somewhat contaminated, not the real picture / reality, then we make decisions base on our false perception, which cause unsatisfactory results, therefore suffering arise.

Command Presence; is a practice a meditation practice, that no matter what you do, whether you are working on a project, say, building a barn, or washing dishes, you are totally aware of that “here and now, I am cutting a board” ( or washing dishes), This awareness should be in detail, step-by-step, like; I am squeezing the dish detergent bottle, the detergent dropped into the dish pan, your hand holding a dish clothes, your right hand is wiping the dish, then you r are rinsing the dish, place it on the rack etc. step-by-step. This awareness is your true self being with you. If you are washing dishes, and you mind is thinking something else; like oh! tomorrow, I am going to a birthday party, oh! what kind gift I am going to bring…wondering who else is coming…this way your consciousness has left your body, you are not really “Present”, you are somewhere else, away from your body.

Having your mind or consciousness and your body together is true presence, continue this practice will enable to “see” your true self, This is the Way.

The true self is not no other than yourself, you can’t find true self outside yourself, it is always here-and-now, this moment-to-moment of time and space, being totally aware of all things. This is called “Being awakened”.