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Buddha within Self 佛在自心中

                 Buddha within Self  佛在自心中  

Teachings of Buddhism, regardless of any various tradition practice, all have the same goal; the wish to attain spiritual liberation, or Enlightenment.

While Pureland tradition practice recitation of Buddha’s names, or Vajrayana tradition practice recitation of Mantras, or Mahayana’s rituals, Zen practice focused on intense sitting meditation, and Tibetan Buddhism practice Guru yoga and /or principle deity yoga and rituals. All are great!

Nevertheless, the goal is to achieve Enlightenment. Enlightened one’s mind is every action, speech, and thoughts are the projection of one’s true self, non-duel, that is form is empty, empty is form, it is oneness. This quality is equanimity, or Middle way.

The word “Middle Way” often mistaking by many is that, with the notion that there is left and right, or top and bottom, right and wrong, good and bad, there always opposition exist, which is wrong view. It meant the mind is pure, non-judgmental, like a infant’s mind, infants have no evil thoughts, not capable of greed, hatred, jealousy etc. So “Middle Way means nonjudgmental, detachment, non- clinging. In this state of mind is a pure mind.

It is important to understand that, all poisons of the mind are greed, hatred, jealousy , doubts, pretentious. If our mind is contaminated with those negativities, there is no hope for enlightenment.

Buddhist practice is training our own mind, it is not doing something to impress others, each of us can only purify our own Karma, no one else can do it for us, just like if you are hungry, no one else can eat the food for you, or if you are sick, even though, you hated the bitter medicine, no one else can take for you and curing your ailments. Each of us have to practice our own mind training.

Training our own mind, begin with self awareness, of our every action, speech and thoughts, moment-by-moment, this practice has two essential benefits. First being awareness, we are likely to behave more wholesome, at least, we  won’t create negative karma.

Second, we are spiritually connected with our body, have you ever while having lunch, eating delicious meal, and you mind were thinking about someone said something that offended you earlier? or similar situations? Think about it, at that very  moment, your mind has left your body, you probably don’t even remember what your lunch tasted like, you have miss out the moment of enjoyment of lunch altogether. So, the practice is to constantly bringing our body and mind together as one, here-and-now, this is acting as true presence, The “True Self” is the Buddha nature.

Many people said to me, that’s too hard!  Well, that’s why it’s called “Practice”, Buddha nature is within, therefore, practice begin within, Buddha-nature is within ourselves, not something out there. If we only being true-self for even one minute, we are a Buddha for that one minute, if we extend that period to one hour, we are a Buddha for that one hour, and so on….If we are aware of our true self 24/7, we are very much like a Buddha.    ———-Warm Wishes!———