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Not Self, Not other Than Self 非我非非我

Not Self, Not other Than Self 非我非非我

The goal of the Buddhist practice to recover our true-self, the “Self” we generally referred to is the form self, and most time we identify ourselves with our body, our name, or positions, and these are merely labels of identity.

The true self is formless consciousness; it exists deep within our mind and body, which never born or cease, which does not changes. The regular self changes the spheres of existence, either form or formless according to one’s Karma dictation, called rebirth.

Over 2500 years ago the Buddha was able to transform himself from ordinary being to become enlightened /awakened true-self. Upon Enlightenment, he advised his disciples to follow His Paths, to experience and prove for themselves.

Upon Enlightenment, the Buddha stated there are multiple universes existed, that we are and all thing composes of four basic elements, the air, water, earth and heat. So the four basic element are source of all things, take our body for example; if we have high temperature (fever), we get sick, we can’t live without water, we can’t live without air,  if all elements in our body not function properly, our body dies.

Therefore, I would like to remind everyone; that recovery of our ceaseless true-self is up most important task of our journey in life, any other activities are supportive of this journey.

Not self: this body we are so fortunate to possess, and everything we see, all seemed very real, but all are reflections of illusionary mind projected from our eighth consciousness. Like the reflections in the mirror, we actually see objects in the mirror, and move around too, but when you touch he mirror, it’s nothing, or when you stand in front of the mirror, you see yourself; your reflection is not another you.

So, our existence is the reflection form body, it is not our true self. Because our true self never dies, that’s why it’s important that we recover it as soon as possible within our life time.

Not other Than Self: While we recognized that the form self is mere an illusionary self, however we do have this form body that requiring food and care to live, and it is Inseparably interconnected with our true self, it’s like there are clouds covering the sun, we cannot see the sun is because the clouds, the sun is always present. Just like our true self, is always there, due to our delusions that we are unable to see and function with our true self.  Therefore, the form self and the true self are one, not two separated objects.

Once upon a time when the Dalai Lama was visiting New York, he and his Lamas stopped by a hot dog stand to buy some hot dogs, when the merchant asked Dalai Lama what he wants on it, he replied: one for all, and all for one”. That was the truth beyond the hot dog.

To recover our true self, we first need to recognized that fact of “Impermanence”, The day we were born, we are on the journey to death, each day we lived, are a day closer to death, everything including our name and everything we acquired during our life time will cease to exist when we leave this world, everything we claimed to be ours will become lost.

So the fact of reality is that we come and we will be gone, in a very short period, due to impermanent nature of reality, everything is subject to change of time and space, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it or change this law of nature.

The only thing we can “take” with us is our karma and Wisdom, they are imbedded in our eighth consciousnesses.

If we are to end cycle of rebirth and endless suffering, we must generated all good karma, and train our mind to develop superior wisdom. Wisdom will cut through delusion and recover our true self, thus break away from Samara /rebirth.


Facts of Life 人生的真相

                         Facts of Life 人生的真相


(These are verses I have read, and some of my own.  Just to share with you.)

The best and fastest way to attain true peace and wisdom is at the feet of an enlightened being.

People can tell when you are kind and with loving compassion, because it shows from inside.

Best way to make you feel happy is to make some others happy.

It’s not hard to find living beings with pure spirits; just look in the eyes of a new born baby or a poppy.

Be thankful for what you have, and be thankful for what you don’t have.

Don’t be overly concern about this moment, good or bad; because all will come to pass by seconds.

When I was complaining that I don’t have shoes, I saw someone without the feet.

I have come to a conclusion that; this is a 50 /50 world, if you have 50% people like you; you are a very good person.

Money doesn’t buy class, money doesn’t buy happiness. Most importantly, money can’t buy a mother’s love.

On the spiritual path, be thankful for those negativities that came upon you, people and events.  Because they give you the opportunity to practice  “Transforming negativities into the Path”.

To truly live your life is to focus on here and now, because pass has gone, and future not yet here.

I have heard this many times…. “I wish I could have told my Mom that I love her one more time before she passed away”.  ………….Don‘t let this happen to you!

The best place for me to learn is surrounding myself with people smarter and more knowledgeable then me.

If you dwell with hatred on someone, you are making bad investment with your valuable time and energy.

If you hurt someone, you are infect giving that individual the right to hurt you. That is “Cause and Effect”.

A Buddha is an enlightened person, to become a Buddha, one must have Bodhicitta mind, that is “Awakened mind”, Therefore, Buddhist practice is to awaken our mind, which means, living our daily life moment-to-moment with total awareness.


Om Mani Padme Hum!