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Samadhi 三眛定

Samadhi 三眛定

Samadhi meditation combines Samatha meditation and Vipassana meditation.(insight meditation)and Jana meditation.

Samatha meditation is a primary meditation aimed at calming the mind, by focused on certain object, not being distracted by any obstructions. Continue to practice until the mind is stable and not being influence by the surroundings. This is foundation of Vipassana meditation.

“Vipassana” means superior seeing, or clear insight. Vipassana meditation is the meditation, by practicing mindfulness of breathing, and awareness of all things, and investigation of all phenomena, contemplation of four Noble Truth, developing the clear seeing, pure mind, and wisdom to gain insight into the true nature of reality.

Jana meditation is combination of the Samatha and Vipassana meditation.

Buddhist practices leads to clear understanding, gain the insight of the “Four Noble Truth”, which can only be reached by practicing the Noble Eight Fold Path.

Key points of meditation are; explores the body and the mind as one / non-duality. Continue reminder on impermanence of all phenomena. Gain clear understanding of the Four Noble Truth.

Contemplation on impermanence; the ever-changing of all things, all kind of suffering for all sentient beings, being focused on spiritual liberation from cyclic existence, one gradually be able to “Put- it all down”, that is not being too attached to anything, objects and people. The practice will show every phenomenon as unstable, transient, disenchanting. The desire of freedom will take place.

Samadhi is combination of  practice of Samatha meditation and Vipassana meditation, it is stable mind which is immovable by the worldly phenomena, seeing all things as is, and not cling to anything.

A state of Samadhi is; you eat, sleep, walking, working no different than anyone else, but you are completely “Awake”, you clearly know what ever you are doing, and being attached to anything.

It is; you are experiencing everything yet you are simultaneously an observer of it, this is how your emotion would not be affected by any situations around you. This is how you can maintain peace of mind in any place and any time.