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Higher realm of existence更高的存在境界

Higher realm of existence更高的存在境界 

When we talk about realms, we are referring to dimensions of the levels of spheres, in the form or formless realms.  While we are unable to see the other dimensions of existence, we can’t simply say it’s none exist. Scientists have proven there are multiple galaxy and planets out there. This information was announced by the Buddha over 2500 years ago, they only now discovered by the scientists.

So, what does this information has to do with our spiritual journey you might ask, the reason is to reinforce your faith in the Buddha and His teachings. Imagine we were living 2500 years ago when everything was very primitive, and  there’s no scientific study like today, and we hearing the Buddha talking about multiple universe and higher intelligent beings out there, we would probably scratching our heads too. Yet over 2500 years later, everything Buddha said proven to be true.

Upon Buddha’s Enlightenment, He told his followers, do not take his word blindly, but practice his teachings of the Path and find prove themselves.

In general, most people think the heaven is “above” there somewhere, or the hell is “below” there somewhere, also many Buddhists think that the …..Western Pure land is ten trillion miles to the West.

Wait a minute please! Although there in the Sutra did have such sentence, It is not meant such place out there exist physically, rather it meant spiritual realm. If we take it literally as there real places such as heaven or hell we can travel to, this perception would be mistaking, and it is a common misunderstanding of the Sutras.

Buddha’s words must taking in the spiritual sense, not by the surface of the words. Just like Jesus said …follow my “steps”, doesn’t mean walking behind him step by step, but to live by his teachings and examples.

Higher realm of existence can be attained by following the teachings of the Buddha, which can be attained here and now. The pure spirit and clear understanding of true reality will enable us to live a more joyful life.

We would be able to be in the world, and not of it, view all things as moment-to-moment experiences, while participate in all activities, yet not being attached to it.

Remember!? All things subject to constant changes, you do the best with everything, applying wisdom and compassion, all things will turn out the best possible. The results of your effort, whether great or not so great, or even very bad, remember you have done your best, and all are just experiences that pass with the changes of time and space (places).

Enlightened beings can be happy any time and any place, because it is the transcendent mind that is in control, the immoveable stability of calm abiding mind brings the joyful bliss.

Try to remember this, always enjoy this moment, and be detached of past and future worries, you will be in a higher realm of existence.