Remembering and Repaying All Mother Sentient Beings 視眾生為慈母

Remembering and Repaying All Mother Sentient Beings 視眾生為慈母

As we are on our path of Buddhism, it is essential to practice and cultivate love and compassion for all sentient beings, it would be difficult at the beginning, as human being, we naturally like and dislike some people, it take wisdom education and skill to overcome this hindrance.

Since this practice is a must, we can begin with smaller circle, then gradually expend to lager circle. We can begin with our family members and friends. If we can get along with a family member or a friend, we can begin to practice try to understand why and what caused the friction, we first look at ourselves within, do a honest self-inquiry, am I at fault as she/he said or think? if it’s true, we make amendment on our faults as soon as possible, this would usually repair the relationship.

If the other person’s has a grange against you which is a wrong view, then it’s no longer your concern, be detached, we can’t fix someone else’s wrong views we can only continue to kind to them, even though we see their ignorance, we practice to view everyone as a possible mother from previous lives, whom in many previous lives, may have been our mother, and may have been very loving and kind to us. By thinking this way will help us to be kind to them.

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