Equalizing and Exchange self and other自他對換

Equalizing and Exchange self and other自他對換

(About the practice of bodhicitta with tong-len (taking and giving) for a meaningful, happy and beneficial life.)

Begin with training ourselves to cherish others as much as we cherish ourselves, we practice to be concerned about other’s happiness and suffering as much as our own.

We give gifts to please and bring joy to our family and friends, because we treasure their love, and who they are, remember we feel really good when we see their joyful smiles and appreciation when they received your gift ? This is a practice of cherishing others, it actually beneficial for our own being as well.

Our practice is to expand this cherishing-others to a broader circle of beings. This doesn’t mean that we should buy strangers gifts, it meant we practice to wish all sentient beings have happiness, and no suffering, with our kindness and compassion. The truth is “Giving Is Receiving”.

When we empower others, at the same time we empower ourselves. We make effort to be caring, kindness, compassion to those in despair, help them with whatever we are able to help, either material things, or spiritual comfort and encouragement, to ease their suffering. The fact is that, by doing so, it brings ourselves to a joyful state of mind.

Contrarily, if you punch someone, at the same time, you are giving the other person the right to punch you back. This is the Law of Nature.

The practice of purification of Body, Speech and Mind, we need to apply all that in the practice of Exchange self and Others. For example; we don’t talk behind someone’s back, because we wouldn’t like others to talk behind our back. We don’t harm other’s in anyway, because we wouldn’t want others to harm us, so always “put ourselves in other’s shoes ” first, before we jump into same short of negative conclusion or action.

All these are fairly elementary for most people, but it is important foundation practice for our Bodhisattva- Path.

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