Living in the moment 生活在當下

Living in the moment  生活在當下

The Buddha Taught; do not dwelled in the pass, do not rush to the unknown future, be at this moment, this is true essence of life.

Our existence is inseparable with time and space, it is endless continual coherence. So, to live our life truly is to experience each and every moment, if we spend 10 minutes dwelled on our past, we actually missed 10 minutes of current moment of life.

Life is like moving train, we look out the window, we see cities, farms, distant hills, rivers, people, animals… speedy passes by, we continue to see and experience different sceneries. What we experience will never be exactly the same if we take the train again and travel the same route, because time has changed.

Everything in the world are subject to change, Buddhism call it “Impermanence”, this is also one of the main reason of our sufferings, like old age, sickness, friends become adversaries, separation of love ones, also climate changes, all kinds of nature disasters.

So, you ask; what does it has to do between impermanence and living in the moment? You see, since everyone wish to live a happy life, and we cannot change past, there for we must control the present; here-and-now, by truly experiencing our life moment-to-moment. With the knowledge from the Buddha-Dharma, we would be able to transforming any negative situations to positive ones, from unhappy to happier situations. This is the benefit of Buddhism.

Since Buddhism emphasized Cause and Effect, makes easy to solve all problems, anything comes your way, here-and-now, moment-to-moment, good or not so good, can be placed in these two categories.

Example; someone stole something from you, and you have no way to retreat your property, you would naturally be upset about it. One way to transform your mood is refer to cause and effect formula; by analyzing it whether it is cause or effect.

To apply the situation as cause; the one stole some thing from you has caused a negative Karma for himself, therefore, you can practice your compassion, by praying for his future negative effect to be lightened.

Or to apply the situation as effect; the one stole something from you must be a creditor from your past life, you owed him something, due to karma-rip, now he has taking it bake, that is a good thing, you now no longer owe him anything.

You see, either way, you would come out as a happy camper. Apply this method on the here-and-now, moment-to-moment; life could easily be a joyful journey.

Om Mani Padme Hum!

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