8/22/2017: Lately, I have been invited to various churches to give Dharma talks, also fill-in to teaching Dharma classes at a temple, that’s why my postings have been delayed to longer period.  I sincerely hope everyone continue to study and practice Buddhism, and never give up Dharma Path, liberation will be achieved.                                                                   Om Mani Padme Hum!  ——Padmasue ——

3/29/2017: It has been over two months since my last posting, it was because my computer was damaged during moving, then after it was fixed, I wasn’t able to Login to the website, today finally have everything back on track.                                                                                           Om Mani Padme Hum!  (Universal Blessings)  ——Padmasue ——

8/15/2016:     Due to limitation of time, I will be posting new topic as time permit, but still try to post as soon as possible.   I hope you can take this time to go over the earlier postings; from 2/2015 on. The earlier posting are very important, they are essence of the Buddha’s teachings, it’s important you understand them well, they are foundation of Buddhist practice.          Best Wishes!        ————I am Padmasue ————

Over the years, I have noticed many Westerners having difficulty finding places to learn Buddhism, where they feel comfortable and welcomed.

This website was created with good intention to help anyone interested in learning Buddhism, without visiting a temple or an organization. However, if you are committed and serious in practicing Buddhism, it is highly recommended that you seek for a qualified, accomplished teacher.

Anyone is welcome to visit this site, although registration is not needed, it is recommended you do so, because  I am self sponsoring this website, this gives me some idea of how many people are following me,   the more people interested in reading my writing, the more I will be enthused to continue to write, If not, I’ll sit down and do my own meditation. 🙂  🙂