Bodhisattva’s four Skills 菩薩四攝法

This Week I doubled up as I totally got behind and didn’t post last weeks Dharma. Be sure to read below this post regarding the Dying Process. Amituofo. -Ted

Mahayana Buddhist practice is to practice in order to achieve self-enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings. Therefore we should practice to: Not to hide in a cave, away from people, or away from the society. It is the sentient beings that create opportunities for us to practice. All of these types of challenges and difficulties allow us to analyze and apply our learned Dharma skills, to handle them, and to overcome all situations.

Although, these are the Bodhisattva Skills, it is also for each of us to practice, and these practices can be used by anyone and are not limited to Buddhists. It simply creates a harmonious relationship with anyone who we are in contact and associated with.

1.) Generosity: Joyful in giving, assist in solving problems such as spiritual suffering, money, time, or teaching Dharma.

This generosity of giving should be unattached, meaning not with any expectation for anything in return, not trying to remember what was given, and to whom it was given to.

2.) Kinds words: speaking kind words, complements on good qualities of someone, words that are pleasing to hear.

Kind words should be sincere without pretention. It is a practice of looking only at other people’s good qualities.

Everyone has some kind of good quality.

3.) Altruistic Actions: Practice purification of body, speech, and mind, making effort in doing good deeds, doing things that are beneficial to others or community, setting a good example as a Buddhist for general public, so people would be attracting to learn the Buddha-Dharma.

4.) Coexisting: Participate in activities with others as long as the activities are good and wholesome in nature, not harmful to anyone, and it’s beneficial to all. By showing interest in other’s endeavors, makes people happy, creates a friendship, and give you (Bodhisattva) an opportunity to exhibit your Dharma practice

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