Brief introduction of Vajrayana Buddhism 密宗簡介

Brief introduction of Vajrayana Buddhism 密宗簡介

Vajrayana also known as Tantric Buddhism, Tantrayanan, Mantrayan, Esoteric Buddhism, Diamond Path or Thunderbolt Way. It is one of the three “Vehicles” or “Path” to enlightenment.

The distinction between Vajrayana and Sutrayana; the Sutrayana is the method of perfecting good qualities, where the Vajrayana is the method of direct path to achieve Buddhahood.

In the Sutrayana tradition, one can “Take refuge” through a teacher, and begin to practice to progress to higher levels. In the Vajrayana Buddhism, one must receive initiation (permission) to practice, this apply to each progression level of Tantras practice. One must accomplish certain level before advance into the next higher level. The Guru and disciple relationship is exmily close.

Foundation of Vajrayana is the same as Sutrayana; one must study the Buddhist “Tripitaka” (Precepts, Sutras, and Commentary) .

Three Outer Tantras: 外三乘

Kriyayoga: 事業部is action tantra, which emphasizes rituals; purification, Blessing, Harmony, subdue distractions. The goal of his practice is to create opportunity to introduce the Buddhism general public, by offering purification rituals, blessings for success, good health, harmony etc. all the mundane problems and wishes. Then, gradually lead them to understand the root of all problems comes from ignorance. By teaching them the Buddha dharma, one then solve their own problems.

Charyayoga: 實修Actual practice, purification of body, speech, and mind. and performance tantra, which emphasizes chanting of mantra and meditation.

Yogatantra: emphasizes the inner yoga meditation of method and wisdom, because based on knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the profound ultimate truth and the vast relative truth, one’s practice emphasizes contemplation that inseparably unites the two truth. (Form is emptiness, emptiness is form)

Important Note: Three Inner Tantras: 內三乘The highest yoga tantra outline here is for information only, practitioner must receive initiation, and under close instruction of a Guru/Master.

There are two stages of practice in the highest yoga; the generation stage and the completion stage.

1.Generation stage: 升起次第There are two stages;

the front generation: in is a type of yidam ( Principle deity) practice, by visualize the deity appear in the sky facing the practitioner. Using visualization, which yidam transform into a light beam, then entering practitioner’s crown chakra, in a split second the practitioner and the yidam becomes one.

Self generation: Begin with ” Nine-fold breathing”, advance into “Chi” cultivation. Prana氣, Bindo脈, subtle drops 明點.

Anuttarayoga: 圓滿次第 highest yoga tantra, which further divided into “mother”, “father” and ” non-dual.

2.Mahayoya 瑪哈瑜嘎 : “mother” (母續) 大圓滿相應次第

3.Anuyoga 阿努瑜嘎 : “father” (父續) 無上圓滿相應次第

4.Atiyoga: 阿底瑜嘎 : Non-dual 無比圓滿次.

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