Demeanor of a Buddhist 佛弟子的 風態

Demeanor of a Buddhist佛弟子的 風態

Often we hear people saying ………I am a Buddhist…. Then almost immediately followed with some unwholesome actions, this is very bad exhibition to proclaim oneself as a Buddhist; this kind of behavior will give the public the misunderstanding about Buddhism.

Being a Buddhist; there are some basic things we should remember at all times. That is including two basic aspects of awareness. One is internal practice, other is external demeanor.

The internal practice is, we need to truly study and practice Dharma constantly, for our own enlightenment; this must follow the Eight-Fold-Path diligently, put in true effort to develop inner wisdom and universal compassion, for shake of self and others, this is called Bodhicitta.

External demeanor is, as Buddhist Practitioners, we should set example for ordinary people. We need to remember to practice Dharma wherever and whenever at all times. Remember that there are people all around us, they would notice how we exhibit our demeanor, our actions, speech and thoughts; this is not saying that we should “Act like we are so nice”, but genuinely being kind heart, open heart, patient, and caring toward others.

Buddhist practice is ongoing 24/7 practice, not just during a meditation session, or during a retreat period, it not for fame, name, material gain, or any other benefit, but for self and others spiritual liberation.

I also noticed some people, after begin to learn the Buddhism, after a short period, they would tell people that, they are Buddhist, and they know all about what Buddhism is etc.This is very unfortunate, because with this kind of attitude, the more advanced learning would be impossible.

Example;  if a glass is fall, you won’t be able to fill any thing in it., we should always keep our “glass” clean and empty, that means; we should keep our mind pure and open, so we are ready and have the capacity to receive pure teachings. Buddha Dharma is vast as ocean, one simply not able to know it all in short time, therefore , we always be humble and say “I know very little”, even great accomplished masters like Karmapa upon a discourse of Dharma, they still say that “I know very little”.

The general society tend to pump themselves larger then what really is, but, the fact is that an elephant is difficult to fit in just any place, buddhist practice is reduce ourselves (ego) to the smallest possible; being humble, modest and true, then we would be able to fit in any place and time.

This is best demeanor of a Buddhist.Om Mani Padme Hum!

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