Five Precepts 五重戒 and Ten Negative Deeds 十惡業

                 Buddhist strongly emphasize Five Precepts:

 Five precepts: 五

  1. Refrain from killing 殺living creatures
  2. Refrain from stealing偷盜.
  3. Refrain from unchastely邪淫 (sensuality, sexuality, lust).
  4. Refrain from incorrect speech 妄語.
  5. Refrain from taking intoxicants 兇酒 / 毒.

十惡業 Ten Negative Deeds:

  1. 殺生killing: Taking life of any living beings.
  2. 偷盜stealing: Taking anything which ia giving, or permitted.
  3. 邪淫Sexual Misconduct: Unlawful, unmoral, over indulging sexuality.
  4. 說謊False speech: Untrue speech, misleading speech.
  5. 惡口Harmful Speech: hurtful speech, hatred speech, confrontational speech. negative motivational speech.
  6. 绮語Charter Speech: Meaningless speech, mindless speech, frivolous speech.
  7. 兩舌Divisive Speech: Speeches that cause confrontational between parties.
  8. 貪餒Greed: Strong / endless desires of material objects, and name, fame, praise, gain etc.
  9. 瞋恨Hatred:  Strong emotional disturbances; most harmful to the mind.
  10. 嫉妒Jealousy: It usually directly connected to hatred, due ignorance of Dharma.

( Note): To create positive deeds, simply refrain from the ten negative deeds. 盡止惡業即是善業

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