How to listen and benefit from the Buddha-Dharma 如何聽聞佛法及受益

          How to listen and benefit from Buddha-Dharma


A True Buddhist Student is one who:

* Genuinely wishes to find a solution for mental and spiritual  liberation. 真為解脫

* Is open-minded and non-judgmental of the teachings. 不執不疑

* Is focused with great concentration, and awareness.  聚精會神


The example of a glass:  杯例

The upside down glass: When listening with closed mind, nothing can enter. 倒的杯

The Contaminated glass: listens without sincere intend or is judgmental. 髒的杯

The Leaky glass: without focus or concentration, either does not hear it or soon forgets it. 漏的杯


***  How to benefit from Buddha-Dharma:  如何受益

One should examine deeply  into the human phenomena and the conditions of existence and understand the inherent sufferings of rebirth, aging, sickness, and death. All things that are born will die. All things that are constructed will decay. This is the nature of impermanence (change). How do we overcome and transform all of our dissatisfactions and stress to live a more peaceful, serene, and enjoyable life?

  • (聞) Seeking solutions by taking action to learn about Buddha’s teachings. Hearing and reading pure Dharma.
  • (思) Contemplation – After hearing or reading the Dharma, it is important to contemplate the subject over and over until you have comprehended the true meaning of it.
  • (修) Understanding that all things are impermanent, and not clinging to them. By avoiding greed, jealousy, and hatred. Truly practicing and following the teachings correctly. Developing great wisdom and universal compassion in order to achieve ultimate liberation and the ability to help others.

Buddhism is based on Buddha’s own personal experience of the path,  gives us the complete “Recipes ” on how to become liberated ourselves from all mental and spiritual sufferings.

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I’m a 54 year old teacher in Charlotte, NC. I’ve been a practicing Buddhist for 3 years now. I’ve learned a lot, but have a lot to learn. My guru is Grand Master Lu.

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