Journey to Infinity 恆常之道

Journey to Infinity 恆常之道

You are reading my writings, because like many others, seeking for something to fulfill your life, others may simply being curiosity about Buddhism, why? the answer is quiet obvious, there is something missing in life. The “something” you can’t really put your finger on it, and the thirst for answers.

In the past, the Buddhism from the East, to Westerners is somewhat mystic and difficult to understand, but during recent decades, with introductions of meditation, yoga, and English teachings of Buddhism, people are begin to entering into the stream in great numbers.

The reason that Buddhism being well accepted is because it is not a religion, Buddhism directly pointing to the truth of reality, cognizing with scientific and spirituality, one doesn’t have to be a Buddhist to practice Buddhism, it is not worshiping of a higher entity, it’s an education to understand the true nature of reality; the cause and effect, that creates the spiritual consequences of Karma, which generated from our body, speech and mind.

Simply put, good karma brings good rebirth in a more enjoyable conditions, negative karma lead to lower level form of rebirth, in a less desirable conditions. Therefore, purification of our body, speech and mind is the key.

Variouse level of karma lead us to various levels of enjoyable life, and life of sufferings, suffering vexation and agony in life. The Buddha called this as spiritual illness, He laid out the prescriptions of the Four Noble Truths and Eight fold Path. Properly followed and practice, one will be healed, life will become more joyful.

Often, someone will ask me…How well is my practice? What level am I on the Path? I tell you a simple way to get your own answer; Ask yourself; am I happier now than before practicing Buddhism? do I have more or less worries than before? do I get upset more or less than before? Do understand people and situations better now compared to before learning Buddhism?

If you are more calm and happier than before, you are making good progress, if you seemed to get upset and agitated more, you need to study the Dharma more; in detail explanations, and do extra meditations.

Remember, it has taking a long time for us to get to this point in life, we are talking about the Karma accumulated over many of our lifetimes, so to purifying will take some time too.

No need to be anxious about the practice, just practice mindfulness of your actions, speech, and thoughts, being consciously aware of all that above in a moment-by-moment, here-and -now, day-by-day.

Always think about impermanent of the nature of reality, when thing going well, you know it’s not permanent, when things going terrible, you know it’s mot permanent either. And there’s no absolute good or bad on everything and people, it all depends on where you stand, and how you view it.

Only with clear un-contaminated mind, can we see the true reality of nature, it is none judgmental, none differentiation, equanimity and peace . Only with this pure mind, can we have the capacity of universal love and compassion, to love even the unlovable, to forgive those who transgressed against us.

Om Mani Padme Hum!

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