Lamrim Medium Scope Practice 菩提道次第中士道

                         Lamrim Medium Scope Practice 菩提道次第中士道

The path shared with persons who have the medium capacity and motivation

(striving for liberation of cyclic existence 修出世斷輪迴 )

Karma, The Law of Cause and Effect : By understanding the Cause and Effect, the Karma generating factor, will help us to be aware purification of our body, speech and mind.

The Karma which we created dictates our future becoming, therefore, it is so very important for us to practice diligently in our daily life.

The way Karma works is, for example; we did something unwholesome yesterday, so we do some good deed today to cancel it, it doesn’t work that way, it is imprints which we cannot erase it. So if you do a good deed first, then do a bad deed next, the law of karma is, you will enjoy the result of good karma, then you suffer the consequence of bad karma next.

The Four Noble Truths :

The Realms of Samsara -True Suffering: Contemplate on impermanence, that is changes of time and conditions. we suffer from aging, death, changes of people and environment , such as loss of love ones and natural disasters.

Realization of all things change constantly, including our body, and everything on the universe, nothing stop for a moment. Also, our mind, our thoughts are fragmentary, speedy and unstable, therefore, Buddhist practice is emphasize on mind training, bringing the wild horse-like mind to a more stable level.

The True Cause of Suffering: The afflictive emotions, especially ignorance, endless desires externally and internally. Externally are material objects, internally are perceptions, like fame, titles, recognitions, praise, strong attachment of people. All these creates suffering. because not all things resulting as wished. And, during the course of obtaining those things you wanted, you work extra hard, endure physical and emotionalstress, you are infect suffering but don’t realize the suffering.

Cessation of suffering: There is a state that is free of suffering and it’s origins, the state of ” in the world but not of it”, that is like you watch a movie, or ride the train, as it moves, you look out the window, you see all kinds of scenery, but it passes by quickly, and you are not involved. Our reality is like that. Do not be attached.

Twelve Branches of Dependent Arising: (Please refer to the “The Twelve Links of Causality” posted on 5/13/2015)

Note:  The truth is that English is my second language. I was encouraged by my English speaking friends to write these “Topics”, Buddha Dharma is vast as ocean,  I can only share with you what little I know and understand. Today an acquaintance bring to my attention,  stating that my sentences / grammar is so poor that…… no one can understand what I am “saying.  if you agree, please acknowledge by posting a comment, maybe I can find an editor.Thanks!

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