Lamrim Highest Scope Practice 菩提道次第上士道

                 Lamrim Highest Scope Practice 菩提道次第上士道

         The path shared with persons who have the highest capacity and motivation

( Striving for total liberation, attaining complete enlightenment, the Buddhahood )

***The Great Scope :

Equanimity: A mind of “Neutral” or “Middle Way”, none discrimination, it is rather the steady conscious realization of reality’s transience, clear view of the emptiness of true phenomena, none attachment of all things, a mind of wisdom, all joy, filled with love and compassion .

Generating Bodhicitta: Bodhicitta is a “Awakened Mind” spontaneous wish to attain enlightenment motivated by great compassion for all sentient beings, free from the illusion of an inherently existing self.

There are Relative Bodhicitta and Absolute Bodhicitta; Relative bodhicitta is a state of mind in which the practitioner works for the good of all beings as if it were his own. Absolute bodhicitta is the wisdom of sunyata (a Sanskrit term often translated as “emptiness”), with strong wish to attain complete enlightenment

The mind of great compassion and bodhicitta motivates one to attain enlightenment Buddhahood, as quickly as possible , to benefit all sentient beings. Bodhicitta is with great motivation to help others to awaken the true self, and achieving Nirvana alike.

A person who has a spontaneous realization or motivation of bodhicitta is called a “Bodhisattva”.

The Totally Open Heart: Detachment of contaminations (Greed, hatred, ignorance, doubts, pretentions ….)   none discrimination , a mind of all total bliss, joyful kindness, filled with wisdom and universal love for all sentient beings.

Samatha: Is meditation, mind concentration, total awareness of all things and one’s own mind, non-scattering thoughts.

Calm Abiding Meditation: Śamatha furthers the right concentration aspect of the Noble Eight fold Path. “single-pointed consciousness” and vipaśyanā as “seeing into the nature of things.

The successful result of śamatha is also sometimes characterized as meditative absorption

The mind is focus at all time, immoveable to surroundings. 

Emptiness: All things are illusory , we see mountain, trees, buildings people and all living beings, certainly, we view it as real existence, but with deeper anylization, due to separation of the basic elements ; the earth, water, air, and heat, all are subject to decade and death, therefore, ultimately belong to emptiness.

Emptiness is not “nothing at all”, it meant transcend the exterior material appearance of something, accepting all thing as is with the understanding of lacking inherent existence, we let go of attachments to people, things, and mental dissatisfactory of failure, sham, blame ….etc.

A Chinese saying: See through (Realization of true reality) , Put it down (let go of attachments) and Be free (spiritually).


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