Lineage Transmission of Buddha Mind 佛的心印傳承

          Lineage Transmission of Buddha Mind 佛的心印傳承

                           Chan (Zen) Patriarchs 禪宗傳承


The Transmission of the Light gives 28 patriarchs in India transmission, and to 6th. Patriarch in China.

From Buddha Shakyamuni to :


2 Ananda 阿難陀




  1. Miccaka彌遮迦
  2. Vasumitra 婆須密
  3. Buddhanandi 浮陀難提
  4. Buddhamitra 浮陀密多

10.Parsva   婆栗濕婆


  1. Anabodhi阿那菩提
  2. Kapimala 迦毘摩羅
  3. Nagarjuna龍樹
  4. Aryadeva迦那提婆
  5. Rahulata 羅睺羅多
  6. Sanghanandi僧伽難提

18.Sanghayasas 僧伽舍多

  1. Kumarata   僧伽舍多
  2. Sayata   闍夜多
  3. Vasubandhu 世親
  4. Manorhita 摩拏羅
  5. Haklenayasas 鶴勒夜那夜者
  6. Simhabodhi 師子菩提
  7. Vasiasita 婆舍斯多
  8. Punyamitra 不如密多
  9. Prajnatara 般若多羅
  10. Bodhi Dharma 菩提達磨 (The last Patriarch in India, whom traveled to China to spread pure

Dharma and to seek for a Lineage disciple)

In China:

  1. Bodhidharma 達摩 (ca. 440 – ca. 528)
  2. Huike 慧可 (487 ? –593)
  3. Sengcan        僧燦 (d. 606)
  4. Daoxin 道信 ( 580 –651)
  5. Hongren 弘忍 ( 601 –674)
  6. Huineng 慧能 ( 638 –713)

Bodhidharma had instructed Huike that after 6th. Patriarch , there’s no need to continue passing down the lineage Bowl and Robe. The Chan practice will be flourished in China, and there would be many people practicing Chan, but only few will be able to truly comprehend, and attain Chan-Realization.

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