Natural Equality 自性平等

Natural Equality 自性平等

After hurricane Katrina, the rescuers went out to look for people and animals to be saved, they found various breeds of dogs, cats, large and small, they put all these animals in the same vehicles, and all the strangers (animals) were hurtled together, lean on each other without any sign of discomfort or aggression toward one another.

Also I found a YouTube video, where there were three large different types of large animals like a tiger, a bear, and a lion, living together harmoniously.  An unlikely trio is spending their days together at a wildlife rescue facility in Georgia. In single enclosure, a lion, a Bengal tiger and an American black bear have an unbreakable friendship, they play together, chase each other and snuggle.

This example shows that all sentient beings’ original consciousness has the characteristic of equality. If animals of different species can live together, we the humans should be able to live harmoniously on this beautiful little planet earth we all call “home”.

The reason people in the world can’t get along is due to contaminations of the mind, of the environment, the ego of the “I”, the greed, hatred, endless craving for power, jealousy, fame, name, wealth, lust etc. These contaminated qualities are the spiritual deficiencies which cause all the miseries, sufferings for us humans.

Our natural consciousness has no differentiation of race, gender, origin, young or old, what one believes etc. No limit nor limitless of time and space, it is vast, and open, and filled with natural joy and universal love. We lost all that because we were contaminated since the day we were born. Therefore, Buddhism is the path to recovery of our true self, our pure, true happy, original self. Non-judgmental like a new born baby, no fears, no violent, only with pure and peaceful mind, and simple basic needs.

Buddhist usually say “Letting Go”, or “Putting it all down” is the “Here and Now” solution, of course, this takes proper understanding of the Dharma (Buddha’s Teachings) and practice. When we get used to the practice of “Putting it all down”, it becomes easier and easier, one day you suddenly notice that, things used to bother you and get up upset, is gone!

The practice works because all things change with time and space, sometimes we may think there’s no hope…but you remembered “Letting Go”, then in a short time, you realized everything wasn’t so bad after all, maybe even better than you expected.

Also, to be spiritual free is to simplify our life. Do we really need to take on all the activities in our daily life that make us running crazy? Physically and mentally all beat up. If we think about how short our life is, we can begin by calculate  on the average life of 80 years old; on average, we spend about 30% of time sleeping,  30% of time working / making a living, 10% of time driving/ traveling, 10% household up keeping and cleaning, 10% eating / preparing, 10% resting / enjoying (maybe arguing) . That added up to 100%. We do this day-in and day-out, then we grows old, then we die, not really a good picture…..

It’s so important to remember “Here-and-Now”, value our precious time and our fragile body, do not abuse our only body with harmful food and activities, since we cannot “trade-In” our body. Also take good care of anything that we cannot “trade-In”, like our parents, our love ones, value and enjoy the time we have with them, because all things subject to change.


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