Seven Wisdom Wealth 七聖財


Seven Wisdom Wealth 七聖財 ( 報恩經 )

You would have noticed, that many of the Dharma teachings are overlapped. As you know; Buddha taught 49 years, to people at different times and places, and his teachings are according to different levels of capacities of the people present at that time.

On the Buddhist path, it’s important that we accumulate these “Wealth”, without them, it’s impossible for us to achieve enlightenment, these are qualities we need to develop and practice.

In general, people accumulate wealth for survival, for living a better life, for security of their future, for their children and other different reasons. Which is a good thing, except, there’s a problem, we cannot take anything with us when it’s time to leave this world, no matter how much wealth you have, how much you love someone, your accomplishment, your status, your favorite collectables and so forth. You cannot take anything! except Karma (good and bad) which we generated during our life time.

However! we can take our wisdom, it remained within our 8th. consciousness (Alaya), therefore, we want to nurture good things we can take with us into next life. The Seven Wisdom-Wealth are;

  1. Faith: faith in the three jewels; Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, don’t be a drop-out.
  2. Precepts: following strict precepts to create good cause and effect, for better rebirth.
  3. Clear Conscience: Anything we do, good or bad, creates an imprint in our deep consciousness, if we do a bad deed, even though no one knows, but deep inside we know, don’t try to cheat ourselves, because this becomes a cancer in the mind, eventually it will hurt us.
  4. Generosity: This is giving with passion, and without attachment, a mind of emptiness of who give, who received and what was given.
  5. Diligence: Develop genuine interest and effort in study and practice (apply) in daily life, being focused on the path to enlightenment.
  6. Tolerance: All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas praise those with great tolerance. This can only be arrived by understanding of emptiness, realization of all things ultimately lack inherent existence.
  7. Wisdom: Stability of the mind, no trace of disturbing emotions, this is achieved through following precepts and accomplishment in higher levels of meditation.

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