Six Paramitas 六波羅蜜

Six Paramitas六波羅蜜         (This is the Bodhisattva Path)

Generosity ( Dana ): the attitude of giving; giving assistance of monetary, time, comfort etc. without the thoughts of “I” give, without the thought of  I give “such, such”, and without the thought of “whom” received what I give. This is practice of “Emptiness / Detachment of giving”. This is a practice of open heart, or big heart.

Discipline / Precepts (Sila): virtue, morality, , proper conduct; is  practice of “Discipline” in the Eight-Fold-Path. Refrain from false speech, frivolous speech, divisive speech, idle chatting, harmful actions such as stealing, killing, sexual misconduct, intoxicants. These practices are foundation of calming the “Wild horse like” mind.

Tolerance ( Ksanti /kshanti ): patience, forbearance, acceptance, inclusiveness, endurance; Recognize that in the human realm, there are many, many different levels of intelligence of minds,  each project their views based on their own perceptions, to themselves, they are perfectly “right”, even though they might be very wrong. For us as Buddhist practitioners, it is an opportunity to incorporate all situations into the Path of practice; by transforming any negative situations as an opportunity to overcome it, and better yet, into a positive one. For example; in a group setting, can you extend your friendship to someone no one likes? Or to love the “un-loveable”?

Diligence (Virya ): energy, , vigor, effort; here means put great effort towards achieve state of Enlightenment, including diligent in hearing, studding, understanding, and practicing the Buddhist path, taking time to do meditation .

Meditation (Dhyana): one-pointed concentration, contemplation, insight meditation.

The mind is in the state of stability and calmness, is none attachment of external phenomena, or internal disturbance. This is development of calm abiding mind.

Wisdom (Prajna): Superior insight, correct views and understanding of all people and things. Have the ability to see the true nature of reality, without any trace of delusion. This is an enlightened mind.

Note: It is Wisdom that one has the ability to solve all problems, and help others.


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