Spiritual Wisdom words 靈性的智語

Spiritual Wisdom words 靈性的智語

* When one desires to take in hand the empires and make it, I see him not succeed. Therefore the Holy man

abandons excess extravagance and indulgence.

* The extreme of the universe is quietness and emptiness.
* Men tend to forget the root, and chase the end. ( Man seek happiness the wrong way.)

* Thing in the universe however complicated, will resume the primary state.

* The perfect goodness is like water. Water is though weak and shapeless, can wash away dirt and scorched earth, and run smoothly all the way for thousands of miles. He does not contend, and none contend against him. This is virtue.

*Those persons of wisdom know how to make the best use of circumstances.

* The Truth is genuine and natural. Pure and uncontaminated.

* All phenomena originated from emptiness.

* If you want to abandon suffering and gain happiness, the way is to abandon greed, hatred, and ignorance.

* The practice is to liberate from vexation in the world, develop a tranquil , calm abiding heart,

to love and help everyone.

* In Buddhism, there’s no difference in caste and statues.

* When one acts proud and arrogant, you’ll know failure is awaits in the future.

* Always remember that everything that is borne will die, everything that is built will deteriorate and extinct.

* No expectations, no disappointments.

* There will be a day of separation; when there’s birth, there’s death, when there’s gathering, then there’s departing, this is the law of nature, the law of impermanence. which cannot be changed.

* Yesterday ended last night, appreciate and value each new day as last day of your life, make plains as you are going to live forever.

* None of us is perfect, but we are all precious, and perfectly imperfect.

* When someone gives you hard time, it is an opportunity to practice patience, forgiveness, a good time to show them how big your heart is.

* Defeat is not failure, it is an experience, each time you overcome a defeat, you become stronger.

* When you think the world has come to an end for you, remember; all thing are in constant change, moment-by-moment, it usually change for the better.

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