Taoist meditation: 道家的禪定

Taoist meditation: 道家的禪定

1. Quite place: Anywhere that is quite.

2. Sitting: You can sit in a chair, or meditation cushions. Anywhere, Including on the bed. Should well ventilated, not direct wind bellowing.

3. Clothing: Wear comfortable lose clothing, to avoid hindering energy flow.

4. Posture: You can double-cross leg, half cross-leg, or leisure position, most important is being comfortable, and so you can sit longer.

5. Cushioned higher in the back potion of the seat, the taller the higher for comfort, and helps keep the back straight, and helps energy traveling through Chakras.

6. Relaxed: Relax your body and keep the back straight not forced but naturally. Yet not too relaxed that you might easily fall sleepy.

7. Head: Hold you head straight, with chin slightly down. With tip of your tongue touching back of the upper front teeth.

8. Mind and Breathing: After sitting down, don’t close your eyes immediately, first, clear your mind, focus on relaxing your body, regulate your breathing, and then slowly close your eyes, not completely closed, best leaving a threat of light. Breathing in and out slowly; and evenly, as slow as possible.

At beginning, you can count from 1 to 5 while breathing in, hold your breath at the Dantian point (About four fingers with below your navel — Pubic region) same amount of time breathing out. If you can breathe to 10 without thoughts, you have achieved first step of calmness. Try to increase breathing time little longer as you practice, the goal is able to count to 30.

Note 1. Sleepiness; during meditation, if you feel sleepy or sluggish, that could be your posture needs adjusting, or you ate too much before meditation, or too soon after meal. Maybe you are too tired, if so, rest 30 minutes first. It is recommended that you wait 30 minute after a meal, or exercise. Also, avoid stimulating food such as onion, garlic, and hot spicy foods.

Note 2. Scattered mind; don’t watch scary movies, read exciting materials, or try to medi after an argument, these will cause irregular breathing, make it harder to calm the mind.

Note 3. Unusual experiences; during meditation, if you feel slight pain, heavy, cool, body swelling, feeling like aunts crawling, it is nature to have those experiences, don’t worry, just let it be.

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