The Dying Process 死亡的過程



  1. The Earth Element Dissolves

* When the earth element loses its power, the body becomes very thin. Limbs loosen and you feel as if the body is sinking under the earth.

* When the aggregate of form absorbs, the limbs become smaller, the body becomes weak and powerless, the luster of the body diminishes and all of one’s strength is consumed.

* When the basic mirror-like wisdom dissolves, the sight becomes unclear and dark.

* Eye sense: one cannot open or close one’s eyes.

* Internal sign: appearance of mirages.


  1. The Water Element Dissolves

* When the water element loses its power, saliva, sweat, urine, blood etc. dry up greatly.

* When the aggregate of feelings absorb, the body consciousness can no longer experience the three types of feelings that accompany sense consciousnesses.

* When the basic wisdom of equality (our ordinary consciousness mindful of pleasure, pain and neutral feelings as feelings) dissolve, one is no longer mindful of the feelings accompanying the mental consciousness.

* Ear sense: one no longer hears external or internal sounds.

* Internal sign: appearance of smoke.

  1. The Fire Element Dissolves

* When the fire element loses its power, one cannot digest food or drink.

* When the aggregate of discrimination absorbs, one is no longer mindful of affairs of close persons.

* When the basic wisdom of analysis dissolves, one can no longer remember the names of close persons.

* Nose sense: inhalation weak, exhalation strong and lengthy and one cannot smell.

* Internal signs: appearance of fireflies or sparks within smoke.



  1. The Air Element Dissolves

* When the wind element loses its power, the ten winds move to the heart and the inhalation and exhalation ceases.

* When the aggregate of compositional factors absorbs, one cannot perform physical actions and one cannot experience smoothness or roughness.

* When the basic wisdom of achieving activities dissolves, one is no longer mindful of external worldly activities, purposes etc.

* Tongue sense: tongue becomes thick and short and the root of the tongue becomes blue.

* Internal sign: appearance of a sputtering light about to go out.


  1. The Fifth to the Eighth Signs of Dissolution:

* When the aggregate of consciousness absorbs, the eighty conceptions dissolve.

* Cause of appearance: winds in the right and left channels above the heart enter the central channel at the top of the head.

* Internal sign: clear vacuity filled with white light


  1. The Mind of White Appearance Dissolves

* Cause of appearance: winds in right and left channels below heart enter central channel at base of spine.

* Internal sign: very clear vacuity filled with red light.


  1. 7. The Mind of Red Increase Dissolves

* Cause of appearance: upper and lower winds gather at heart and then the winds enter the drop at the heart.

* Internal sign: at first, vacuity filled with thick darkness; then, as if swooning into unconsciousness.

  1. The Mind of Black Near Attainment Dissolves

* Cause of appearance: all winds dissolve into the very subtle life-bearing wind in the indestructible drop at the heart.

* Internal sign: very clear vacuity, the mind of clear light of death.

Focus on this clear light for as long as you can. When the clear light of death ceases, the consciousness passes back through the stages of dissolution in reverse order. As soon as this reverse process begins, the person is reborn into an intermediate state (Tib. bar-do) between lives, with a subtle body that can go anywhere, through mountains etc., to find a place of rebirth. Or the person revives into the old body, a so-called near-death experience.

A lifetime in the intermediate state can last from a moment to seven days, depending on whether or not a suitable birthplace is found. If one is not found, the being undergoes a ‘small death’, experiencing the eight signs of death as laid out above, but very briefly. He or she then again experiences the eight signs of the reverse process and is reborn in a second intermediate state. This can happen for a total of seven rebirths in the intermediate state, making forty-nine days, during which time a place of rebirth is necessarily found.

It is said that after death, one’s memory becomes 9 times sharper then when alive, therefore, it is beneficial to learn about death now. Just remember; after death, our consciousness travel through time and space, as a spiritual practitioner, our goal is to attain a more desirable rebirth, unless if we have achieve high level of enlightenment, not subject to rebirth. During the course of “Bardo”, there will be Buddhas and Bodhisattvas radiating bright white lights to lead us, we should remember the three Jewels, pray and call upon them, chant Guru Mantra, or Buddha’s name, remain calm and being aware of the surroundings, during the Bardo period, we do have the opportunity to be liberated. There would be different colors of lights appearing; seek out for the pure bright white light and follow it. That is a pure divine path. One will also see murky lights of varied colors.

Remember, DO NOT fellow any murky lights. That will lead you to a undesirable realms of rebirth. It is important that, during our life you must: Practice the Dharma Path, Meditate and train our minds, Develop familiarity with calm abiding and pure spirit. This will lead us to a high-level of rebirth, or even attain Arahant (not subject to rebirth).


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