The Heart Sutra 心經

                           The Heart Sutra 心經

(The Heart Sutra is condensed from diamond Sutra, the diamond Sutra is condensed from a huge volume of the Prajna-paramita-hrdaya-Sutra) This is the Perfect Wisdom sutra, a sutra which all Buddhist practioners memorized and chant every day. I strongly suggest you do it too.It’s not so hard, if you read it five time each day for a month, you will be able to remember it.

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva,

when practicing the profound Prajna-paramita,

perceived that the five skandhas are empty,

and thereby became free from all suffering.

O Sariputra,

form is none other than emptiness;

emptiness is none different than form.

Form is emptiness; emptiness is form.

The same is true with perception, conception, volition, and consciousness.

O Sariputra,

All dharmas are characterized by dependence upon causation.

They are neither created nor do they perish,

neither defiled nor immaculate,

neither increasing nor decreasing.

Therefore in emptiness there is no form,

no perception, no conception, no volition, no consciousness;

no eye, eye, nose, tongue, body, or mind;

no form, sound, smell, taste. touch, or object of mind;

no realm of th eyes…

up to no realm of consciousness;

No ignorance, nor its extinction…

up to no old-age and death, nor their extinction.

There is no suffering, no cause of suffering,

no extinction, no path,

no wisdom and also no attainment.

Because there is no object to be obtained.

The bodhisattvas, through practicing Prajna-paramita,

have no obstacles in mind.

Having no obstacles, they overcome fear,

liberating themselves forever from delusions,

ultimately realizing Nirvana.

All Buddhas of the past, present, and future,

relying on Prajna-paramita,

attain Anuttara-samyaksambodhi.

Therefore one should know that

Prajna-paramita is the great supernatural mantra,

(the great) bright mantra,

(the great) unsurpassed mantra,

and (the great) unequalled mantra,

the destroyer of all suffering, The truth.

A mantra of Prajna-paramita should therefore be proclaimed.

This is the mantra: Gate Gate Para-gate Parasama-gate Bodhi Svaha!

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