The Seven Pretensions  七慢

Seven Pretensions / Arrogance 七慢

These are great hindrances to the Path of Enlightenment, as Buddhist practitioners, we make sure we are not falling into any of those categories of pretentiousness.

( 1 ) Self-superior: seeing someone with lower capacity, one exhibit as highly superior. (Most people more or less have such attitude, it is a serious hindrance to Dharma practice, therefore must correct it.)

(2) Self-Superior to Equal: Seeing someone with equal capacity, one thinks oneself is somewhat superior.

(3) Self-Superior to Superior: Seeing someone with higher capacity, one believe that one is somewhat superior.

(4) “I” Superior:  Internally, Misunderstanding the five Skandhas as true self -the ” I “, ( The composition of delusionary Form, Feeling, Mind, Action, Consciousness.) externally, Misunderstanding that everything ” I ” do is superior.

(5) Self-Superior on Knowledge: With small knowledge of Dharma, and little experience of meditation, with misunderstanding, one thinks oneself as very knowledgeable and superior.

(6) Self-Superior on Capacity: When seeing some one that is very capable, one thinks “So what! no big deal!”, showing no respect, Even when one knows other’s superior capacity, still don’t want to learn from the other person, in fear of showing inferiority.

(7) Self-Superior on Virtue: One without characteristics of virtue, pretend to be, and seeking praise and respect from others.


* Antidote for these pretentions is constantly reminding ourselves that all sentient beings are precious and equal with Buddha nature, we practice to be humble and respectful of everyone, being aware of our own body, speech and mind, make sure we are not falling into any of those categories of pretentious, Do self inquiries, and correct ourselves, and remind ourselves not to make the same mistakes, and a fool of our selves.





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